Yoo Ah In’s ‘Seoul Vibe’ Enters Top 10 Netflix Movies Worldwide + Ranked 1st in 7 Countries


“Seoul Vibe” featuring Yoo Ah In, Lee Kyung Hyung, Gong Kyung Pyo and more has received positive responses since its official release on August 26.

The action-adventure crime film is dubbed Korea’s “Fast & Furious” because it centers on a group of car enthusiasts who find themselves in the middle of a dangerous mission.

Just days after its worldwide debut, “Seoul Vibe” entered Netflix’s Top 10 Movies.

‘Seoul Vibe’ ranked 9th in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies

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According to Flix Patrol, a streaming data aggregation platform, the Yoo Ah In-directed film scored ninth place in the world’s top 10 movies on Netflix, four days after its release.

Additionally, on the August 30 ranking, “Seoul Vibe” took fourth place in Netflix’s Top 10 Global Movies (Non-English) category.

Flix Patrol Seoul Vibe August 30

(Photo: Flix Patrol)

Meanwhile, the action-adventure crime film is currently the most-watched movie in seven countries, including South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Why is “Seoul Vibe” worth watching?

Seoul atmosphere

(Photo: Netflix Korea) Seoul Vibe poster

Directed by “The King’s Case Note” director Moon Hyun Sung, “Seoul Vibe” depicts the journey of five car enthusiasts, known as Team Sangedong Supreme, led by Dong Wook, played by Yoo Ah In.

After a successful activity in Saudi Arabia, he and his friend Joon Gi (Ong Seong Wu) returned to South Korea.

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However, they were blindsided by a deal from prosecutor Ahn (Oh Jung Se) to eliminate all of their cases in their home country in exchange for their participation in his investigation.

Hoping for a fresh start, Dong Wook and his team embark on a dangerous mission.

The group will infiltrate and obtain information about the slush fund activities of President Kang (Moon So Ri) and her right-hand man, Manager Lee (Kim Sung Kyun.)

On the first day of one of Korea’s notable events, the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the Sangedong Supreme Team lays out their plan to return to President Kang.

“Seoul Vibe” featured intense, action-packed car chase scenes with a fun and dynamic twist.

Apart from the jaw-dropping scene, the film also featured some nostalgic OSTs, including “CITY+++ (feat. Gaeko)” by Mino, who also appeared in the film.

Director Yoo Ah In talks about “Seoul Vibe”

At the “Seoul Vibe” press conference, director Moon Hyun Sung explained why he chose the 1988 Seoul Olympics as the backdrop for the film.

As obtained by a news outlet, he explained that it was one of South Korea’s most notable eras “when the light and dark sides both existed. I wanted to create a story set in that interesting time. “

On the other hand, Yoo Ah In talked about her transformation into the best wanderer Dong Wook.

He said he loved playing Dong Wook’s vibrant energy and at one point was “obsessed with his looks,” adding that he was “completely different from me in real life.”

As seen in the film, the character dons the style of the 80s where hip-hop meets fashion.

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