Will there be another season?


The series Somos is easily one of the most popular shows the streaming service has to offer this summer, and it’s no shock to learn that many subscribers who really enjoyed the first broadcast are already hungry for any information they they can get on the Somos Season 2 release date.

The show is a well created try with an exciting storyline inspired by real events that subscribers shouldn’t be sleeping on, and set aside time to binge on the whole thing. Somos does a remarkable job telling the story of the residents of the Mexican border town of Allende who are overtaken by a cartel, leading to tragedy.

This powerful story was a big hit with Netflix subscribers, and it makes sense why so many viewers would seek to find out more about Somos season 2. Anticipation is high and the demand for more episodes is definitely robust.

While there isn’t a lot of information at the moment, everything fans need to know about the Somos The season 2 release date and up are below.

How many seasons are there in Somos?

There is currently an instantly captivating season of the series. Somos on the Netflix streaming service. The first part consists of six excellent starters.

Will there be a Somos season 2?

Netflix has yet to announce plans for Somos season 2, and at the moment there is no news that there will be more episodes. The show has yet to be officially canceled, which means there’s still a chance the story will continue at some point.

How many episodes of Somos season 2 are there?

The official number of episodes of Somos Season 2 is unknown at this time and may not be revealed until the release date, as is the practice. An estimate of the number of entries for the follow-up chapter would probably be around six like the original.

When is the filming of season 2 of Somos?

No news or updates have been released as to when the production of Somos season 2 could begin. After the official announcement of the next series of episodes, this information will surely become available.

Somos Season 2 Release Date

If one had to guess when the next release might hit the streamer, the best bet would be sometime in 2022 or maybe early 2023, depending on when the renewal is going. Fans of the intriguing first season would love to see Somos season 2 as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more updates as they come out on the Somos season 2 release date and up.


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