Why Rebel Wilson Had To Get Permission From Britney Spears For A Scene In Her New Netflix Movie


Actress Rebel Wilson has never been shy about showing off her dance moves. To reveal her murderous choreography as Fat Amy in Perfect to his fiery purring movements in Cats, we will then see this Australian artist continue to move in Netflix Secondary year. However, there was one particular dance sequence scene that Rebel Wilson needed permission for, and it came from the one and only Britney Spears.

Secondary year sees Rebel Wilson play a woman who returns to complete her senior year of high school after being in a coma for 20 yearsso prepare to see plenty of nostalgia from the late 90s and early 2000s. You couldn’t be more nostalgic than this lucky comedienne getting the chance to recreate Britney Spears (You drive Me crazy music video for a particular scene in the film. Rebel Wilson spoke to entertainment tonight about showing respect to the former teeny bopper by asking Britney Spears for permission before recreating her video. She explained:

We had to get permission from Britney. i was really nervous [thinking]’Oh my God, I hope she knows we are [paying] tribute to her with this. It was really awesome that she gave permission to do it… ‘Crazy’ was just such a cool song, such an iconic music video… I just thought it would be really cool.

Whether women of the 90s want to admit it or not, there was at least one time when we tried (very badly) to emulate Britney Spears music videos in the privacy of our bedrooms, whether it was just by taking a hairbrush and pretending to sing like her or go so far as to re-enact her full-body pop star moves. Even the cast of Joy took plenty of opportunities to channel their inner Britney as they recreated Britney Spears music videos like Hit me baby (one more time) I’m a 4 U slave and Me against the music. When a music video is this iconic, you can’t help but want to channel your inner pop star once in a while and embody yourself in that music video.

Considering that Rebel Wilson came from a background where we sang pop songs in the Perfect movies, recreating a clip of Britney Spears is not left for her. This time, when we see the Cats the actress plays the role of Britney, she will be able to show off her well-groomed figure while doing like her maintains her weight loss of 70 pounds. Wilson went on to talk about what it was like to channel Britney Spears in the final scene she shot for Secondary year:

We recreated this exact set. What was weird was that I didn’t train a lot. When I shot it, I tried to channel just Britney, and then immediately our director, Alex Hardcastle, said, “Oh my God, you were, like, so Britney.” In some takes, I really believed I was her. It comes out really funny… It was our last day on set and it was like 110 degrees in Atlanta, but once they pumped out that Britney music, I just wanted to give it my all.

Well now we know that if you want to beat the scorching heat, play a Britney song. Rebel Wilson continued to express how much fun she had playing (You drive Me crazy and what made the performance different for her this time, saying:

I just had the best time. The first time I put on these low-rise jeans, the outfit Britney Spears wears in the ‘Crazy’ video, I was like, ‘Oh, I didn’t used to wear clothes like that.’

What Rebel Wilson was referring to about her past fashion sense were her high school uniform days. She went to the Tara Anglican School for Girls, which was an all-girls school in Australia where appearances weren’t a priority as everyone had to dress the same. She explained how she styled short bangs and felt she had no fashion sense, like knowing how to wear makeup. So, instead of focusing on her fashion, she used her brain for other activities, like this time Wilson locked a teacher in a closet. It makes me wonder if Wilson will channel his past as a prankster into his new Netflix movie..

Rebel Wilson continues to be an inspiration not only to How to improve your health, but to have the courage to stand out. After explaining that individuality was not something that was celebrated during his days in Australia, Wilson concluded his interview by talking about the courage to be unique. She’s already done it Perfect playing Fat Amy, who always said what she thought and never held back from uttering those notes. The same message will be broadcast in Secondary year to embrace what makes you unique.

Be sure to watch Secondary year on your Netflix subscription May 13.


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