Who controls the remote in your house?


No matter how many TVs you add to your home, there always seems to be someone fighting for control of the remote. Who owns the remote control in your home?

I feel like I shouldn’t have to struggle to control the remote in my home, but it happens quite often, too often in my opinion. Currently in my house there are four people and three TVs, all with firewalls, so you can watch whatever your little heart desires. So how could I have to fight for control of one of these TVs?

It’s really simple, one wants to watch one thing and the other wants to watch another, so they go their separate ways. In this situation, I guess I could go to my room to watch something, but that doesn’t sound fair. So I usually take my seat in the living room once I’m tired of any repeating iCarly, tweeny type show.

Guess I could become a super-tense parent and have some ridiculous rules and regulations when it comes to screen time, but honestly I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Either way, I’m still the defending champion when it comes to the remote master, only because my kids don’t know how to turn on surround sound, so I have the edge.

I won’t go into the fact that I was told I had too many remotes. It’s another story for another day. What is the situation of the remote control in your house? Who controls it?

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