‘White Noise’ Noah Baumbach Netflix Movie: Everything We Know So Far


First look at White Noise – Picture: Netflix

Noah Baumbach is working with Netflix on several film projects after signing his contract with Netflix in January 2021. The first of his new projects is a film adapting Don Delillo’s novel, White noise. Here’s everything we know so far about the new movie.

First reported in September 2020, the film was finally confirmed to be in development at Netflix in January 2021. The film is set to adapt Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel White Noise which is part of Penguin’s Orange collection.

The project is notably Baumbach’s first foray into adapting and directing a screenplay. So far, all the films he has made are original works.

What is White Noise about?

Described as a family drama and comedy, the film will be a faithful adaptation of the book by most accounts.

Here’s what you can expect.

“Both hilarious and horrifying, Don DeLillo’s White Noise depicts a contemporary American family’s attempt to come to terms with the mundane conflicts of everyday life while grappling with the larger philosophical questions of love, death and the possibility of happiness in an uncertain world.”

Additionally, we’re told this adaptation will feature the Fritz family’s four siblings, Debbie, Megan, and Walker.

The film progresses when an airborne toxic event causes the evacuation of the small town.

white noise book cover

White Noise book cover – Photo: Blackwells

Who is behind White Noise for Netflix?

At the center of the film is Noah Baumbach who directs and adapts the screenplay. Before Baumbach was attached to the project (he’s been optional since October 2016), it was initially reported that Barry Sonnenfeld and Michael Almereyda were attached.

Douglas Aibel serves as the film’s casting director while Mayra Auad, David Heyman, and Uri Singer serve as executive producer and producer, respectively.

Heyday Films and Passage Pictures are the production companies behind the film

Who is playing in White Noise for Netflix?

The cast of White Noise is impressive and continues to grow.

pilot adam geta gerwig main characters white noise netflix

In December 2020, we first reported that Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig were on board to perform.

Adam Driver will play the role of Jack Gladney who is portrayed as a teacher of (yes that’s right), Hitler is studying at a liberal arts college.

Playing Jack’s wife in the movie will be Greta Gerwig who between them have six children together.

Don Cheadle was announced to star as Murray/Morty in July 2021, a supporting character. His character is a colleague of Jack who competes to create a similar study around Elvis Presley.

Other supporting roles include Sam Nivola who will play the role of Fritz and Rafey Cassidy like Debbie.

Also, thanks to a bazaar reportit is known that the two children of British actress Emily Mortimer will appear. May Nivola as we mentioned before with Samuel John Nivola also featuring.

Variety reports that Jodie Turner-Smith is also in talks to star.

Where is White Noise in production?

Current production status: Post-production (last update: 05/08/2021)

When we first reported on the film in September 2020, all we knew was that the film was going to be shot in 2021. Of course, with restrictions across the United States in September, we don’t didn’t know exactly when it would happen.

Then various production schedules listed the movie to be filmed at some point in the summer of 2021, with most seeming to point to late June 2021 and was going to shoot under the working title of Wheat germ.

On June 24, The Chronicle Telegram, which covers news from Elyria and Lorain, reported that rehearsals for the film had begun and sets were being built in Wellington and Oberlin. They said filming was scheduled for mid-July 2021. Wellington Mayor Hans Schneider told The Chronicle:

“I think it’s great. Every time you showcase your community…it’s an opportunity for us to put our best foot forward. There’s a unique feel to the downtown neighborhood. All of these buildings have were built in the 1800’s – (and there is) the architecture of the town hall and its presence in the area, the beauty of the Herrick Memorial Library and the downtown storefronts.

On June 30, WKYC Studios released a short clip of Adam Driver arriving to begin preparations for filming. A short news segment we’ve embedded below. It’s a blurry photo of Adam Driver but a photo nonetheless!

A local news station also picked up on the fact that filming began with a 30-second segment on News 5 Cleveland with various filming footage included.

Additional images of the various filming locations were spotted by residents which were posted on Twitter:

According to the production schedules we’ve seen, the film will shoot throughout the summer and wrap in late September 2021. Conflicting reports suggest filming may not wrap until January 2022.

Once completed, Greta Gerwig will move on to directing her next film Barbie which will be distributed by Warner Brothers. Baumbach helped write the screenplay alongside Gerwig.

On August 4, filming wrapped and has now moved into post-production.

WorldofReel reports that the production was plagued with issues throughout filming, which led to a much larger budget than originally planned.

When will White Noise be released on Netflix?

Our best guess is that Netflix will try to time the film for awards season by the end of 2022.

The film is due to premiere at the Venice Film Festival which runs from August 31 to September 10.

Until the release of White noise, you can watch a number of Noah Baumbach movies on Netflix which we track through our library section. Plus, Noah’s award-winning debut movie is still available on Netflix as Marriage story and his previous film with Adam Sandler, The Meyerowitz stories.

Let us know if you’re excited for the release of White noise in the comments below.


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