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Shannon Kook had a major role in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and here’s a guide to her other film and TV credits.

He is best known for playing Drew Thomas in Conspiracy franchise, but what other movies and shows has Shannon Kook appeared in? Director James Wan has a knack for creating horror franchises. While he skipped the sequel, his breakthrough film Seen was a surprise hit in 2004 that launched its own subgenre of extreme horror – though not particularly gory, in hindsight. Wan’s next horror hit was Insidiouswhich was one of Blumhouse’s first big hits, Wan working his jumpscare magic on a shoestring budget.


Wan later realized Insidious: Chapter 2, with many other sequels made by various filmmakers. His next movie Conspiracy was based on the cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively). The film became a massive hit in 2013, and not only received two direct sequels, but also a bunch of spin-offs, including the nun. The Conspiracy – as it’s now known – has grossed over $2 billion worldwide, making it the most successful horror series in movie history.

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In addition to Wilson and Farmiga, Shannon Kook is another actor who has been part of the main series since the beginning. He played the character of Drew Thomas, the Warrens’ technical assistant in the first three Conjuring films, with haircuts adapted to the era. Kook started his career in 2009, appearing on shows like Being Erica and The border. After more roles in shows like the Canadian drama County Durhamhe landed one of his first major roles as a football player Zane Park on Degrassi: the next generation (which had many cameos). Park was one of the show’s first prominent gay characters, and Kook remained with the show for 19 episodes.

Other films and television roles of Shannon Kook

After DegrassiShannon Kook continued to work in television as a guest role in a thriller XIII: The Series with Stuart Townsend and a small role in a Canadian drama empire of dirt in 2013 – which is the same year the first Conjuring has been freed. Kook jumped back and forth as films and shows during this period, appearing in webseries carmilla, Consumables parody The reliable and mystery 2015 dark places with Charlize Theron. The actor also appeared in the first horror anthology story A Christmas Horror Story.

After a guest stint in a supernatural drama Shadow HuntersShannon Kook has joined the cast of sci-fi hit The CW The 100 (which ended after season 7). Kook played Jordan Green, Harper and Monty’s son. Kook was a guest on Season 5 before playing a big role in the final two series. Other recent TV credits include a role on The CW’s Nancy Drew reboot and Disney+ The Mysterious Benedict Society. Kook’s next film will be the action thriller king of killers, with Frank Grillo. If – or when – a fourth Conjuring happens, Kook’s Drew Thomas will likely return as well.

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