Where is Olivia Cruz now?


Season My 600 pounds. Life fans may remember Olivia Cruz as one of the show’s earliest cast members. She began her journey throughout Season 2 and then made a follow-up appearance on where are they now.

Like many other cast members, Olivia struggled to make lifestyle adjustments here and there. But in the end, it seems his efforts really paid off in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about his whereabouts in 2022.

Olivia Cruz seems to value her online privacy

Season 2 cast member Olivia Cruz has managed to make significant progress during her time on the show. Through hard work and the help of Dr. Now’s program, she managed to get her health under control. During the where are they now episode, fans got to see Olivia continue to make healthier choices in her life.

Olivia Cruz/TLC

Olivia Cruz has a public Facebook page, but she hasn’t posted there in years. Based on the most recent photos she uploaded, it looks like she is doing well.

She and Dr. Now also seem to still be on good terms. The Iranian surgeon and his patients sometimes butt heads, but Olivia describes him as the man who “gave her another chance at life” on her Facebook page.

Olivia Cruz from Facebook
Olivia Cruz and Dr. Now/Facebook

Like many other former guests on My 600 pounds. Life, it seems Olivia Cruz just values ​​her privacy. Sharing his world with viewers can be an incredibly stressful process and fans don’t blame him for keeping a low profile in 2022.

That’s all TV shows managed to find out about Olivia Cruz so far. Be sure to check back in the future and see if there are any more updates on his whereabouts.

Where is season 11?

Seasoned My 600 pounds. Life fans are hungry for new content. They waited patiently for an entire year to see if there would be any news on season 11. However, episodes tend to take at least a year to film and the pandemic has definitely complicated production. Some fans are worried that season 11 will suffer major delays.

With any luck, viewers will get a chance to see new episodes of My 600 pounds. Life by the end of the year. Fans are still waiting for an official announcement on TLC, but there seems to be a lot of hope in the meantime. Dr. Now has even confirmed that there will be new episodes of My 600 pounds. Life arrive very soon.

It’s also possible that the Season 11 premiere will happen later than expected. But no doubt there will be new content sooner or later. Fans just hope it happens a little sooner.

There may not be a schedule in place just yet, but fans can stay tuned for more news in the meantime. TV shows has lots of info on reality TV shows, including updates on previous ones My 600 pounds. Life actors like Paula. Take a look and see what Milla Clark has been up to this year.

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