What’s going on behind the scenes of the hit Netflix series?


While Netflix Love is blind glamorizes the fun parts of falling in love with a stranger behind a wall, being whisked away on a tropical vacation, and moving in together within weeks, many fans often don’t think about the behind-the-scenes work that gets put into a show like this -this.

In Season 2, viewers followed six couples who emerged engaged from the dating pods every step of the way, from the first day of the experience to saying “I do” or “don’t” at the altar. Have you ever wondered what goes into making Love is blind? Find the answers to your burning questions below!

What does it actually look like in the pods?

Many fans already know that contestants don’t spend too much time in the pods before meeting their partners face-to-face. In fact, they only have 10 days to find out who they want to spend the rest of their lives with (yikes!). And while the show’s editing leads us to believe that the “dates” can last for several hours, they only last about 10 minutes each. Think of it more like “high-speed dating!”

As for the stylish pods themselves, they are soundproof; competitors only hear each other through loudspeakers. can hear anyone on the other side of the wall through the speakers. According to show creator Chris Coelen, the capsules are as comfortable as they look, telling entertainment tonight that some contestants “never wanted to leave the pods”. He claimed the longest pod date in Season 1 was around three to four hours and many often dozed off in the small room. It seems like a perfect nap spot, so who could blame them?

Although competitors do not actually sleep in the pods, they are accommodated in hotel rooms for the 10 days of pod encounters. It was a huge plus for the cast in Season 2, as Kenny from Season 1 said. Refinery 29 that they spent the night in trailers, sleeping on correctional beds (ouch!). Did we mention they don’t have access to their phone or the internet? Hopefully their ability to ask for food and drink makes up for it!

Rings and engagement deadlines

Obviously, the first step in any engagement is choosing a ring! Similar to The single person franchise, the show offers a variety of rings for guys to choose. And as we learned from Salvador from season 2, they should know which metal their wives prefer before choosing it! They can also choose to bring their own, like Kyle did when he proposed to Shaina with her mother’s old engagement ring. There is no specific time frame in which couples must get engaged, as long as they do so within the 10 day time frame of the experience.

The two seasons saw six couples leave the pods together. However, more engagements happened off-camera that fans weren’t able to see. Two other couples got engaged in Season 2, but sadly their journeys were left on the cutting room floor.


How much is staged?

No matter how “real” reality TV shows claim to be, there will always be outside influences that help direct people’s stories. Guys and girls each have a group of producers behind them, but they do not directly interfere with the relationship of the couple. Salvador said E! News that producers assist contestants by providing “talking points” and “questions” to use on their dates, if they wish.

The influence of production on marriages

When they return to reality, couples only have three weeks to plan their weddings. But are they really the ones paying and planning their big days? Yes and no. A production representative for the show said women’s health that couples pay for the majority of their nuptials, saying, “Of course, the production provides some of the groundwork, but since these are their real weddings, it’s up to them how to spend their money.”

Going back to production influences, contestants only have the choice of whether or not to say “I do” at the altar. In fact, some couples already knew their decisions in advance. Kenny revealed to People that he and his ex-fiancée Kelly had never intended to get married at the end of season 1. “Really, the engagement was just to prolong the experience. And we were both committed to that” , did he declare.

On the other hand, the producers intervened in season 1, as Jessica said Weekly entertainment that she was forced to stay on the show until her wedding day. “I definitely had a conversation about leaving and couldn’t make it. My dog ​​got sick too and almost died during the show, I had so many other things to do,” he said. she declared.

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Are the candidates paid?

Finally, are the candidates paid to participate in the show? According to a source close to the series, “the participants are little or not paid”, says women’s health, “They’re really in it to find love!” Seems like putting your whole life and career on hold to find true love is worth it for the stars of the show, even if things don’t end happily ever after.

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