What leaves Netflix? Every movie deleted this week


Netflix is ​​on the cusp of removing a number of titles.

The streaming service doesn’t post the movies and TV shows it removes every month.

But if you are looking for a title that is going to release in the next few weeks, Netflix will let you know that you only have a short time to finish watching it before it is gone.

Below, we’ve rounded up the full list of everything leaving Netflix for the rest of this month (find the list of everything added to the service in June here).

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June 15

Five feet apart


The Karate Kid (1984)

LEGO House – Brick House

Memory games

Prince Avalanche

Red corner

Red dwarf series one to eight

Zindagi Gulzar Hai first season

June 16

The great master

All eight ‘Red Dwarf’ series are leaving Netflix

(Document / PA thread)

June 18

Antariksha Ke Rakhwale

Bob Lazar: Area 51 and flying saucers

Friday Club Series 7

Dragonkala Ka Rahasya

Rhythms of love – Accidental daddy

Samudri Lootère

Super Bheem Bana Vajraveer


June 19

Jurassic World

Indominus Rex launches attack in “Jurassic World”


June 20

American dreamer

A High Egyptian (Wahid Saeiday)

my angel

Stunned Bolbol (Bolbol Hayran)

Bridge of Spies

The agreement

Mary, Queen of Scots

8 from the ocean


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