Two major sci-fi shows canceled by Amazon in 2022


Arguably one of the most difficult genres to obtain, sci-fi shows often meet with mixed reception. Sometimes it can seem like there’s no rhyme or reason as to why big TV shows get canceled, much to the frustration of their fans. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than when a show ends permanently on a cliff-hanger, or does a great job of world-building only to be cut short before it really begins.

This can create even more angst when subscribed to the various online streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video, previously considered to be more patient with TV shows compared to network TV channels. But online entertainment is even more diverse these days, with streaming shows competing with other activities, including online gaming, which have become increasingly common.

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Speaking of gaming, it’s the kind of competition TV executives face when deciding where to pump their funding, even for the most popular shows aired through powerful streaming services. These are the science fiction shows that producers have decided to stop supporting in 2022, either because of their high cost or to focus budgets on future alternatives, but without any guarantee that they will have more hit.

night sky

There was a lot of excitement generated when Amazon Prime Video announced Night Sky, promoted with an intriguing story and interesting characters. After all, this was a new sci-fi show backed by the streaming giant, led by two Oscar winners in the cast. All the right ingredients were there for it to be a huge success, even though Amazon ended a second season just six weeks after the release of the first.

In the lead roles, Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons were excellent as an elderly couple, who just so happens to have a portal to another planet in the basement of their workshop. Although the first and only season provided some closure to the initial story, the main storylines were left wide open for what followed, leading to more questions and possibilities than answers.

As for why Night Sky was cancelled, regardless of the solid ratings from viewers and critics, the viewing figures were below Amazon’s expectations, which is usually the deciding factor. This means fans won’t get any closure when watching all eight episodes of Night Sky, which is a real shame considering the massive potential the show has to offer.

The extent

Inaccurately called “Game of Thrones in Space” by some critics, The Expanse originally appeared on our screens via the SyFy channel, airing for three seasons there before production became too expensive. Thankfully, the demand for a continuation among the show’s fans was such that it was picked up by Amazon Prime Video after a successful social media campaign, backed by the kind of budget it needed to continue.

A few hundred years later, humanity has colonized most of the solar system, though factions have formed with Mars declaring independence from a United Nations-ruled Earth. Meanwhile, the Outer Planets Alliance is on the brink of revolt, setting the scene for war, just as an alien biohazard is discovered that threatens everyone. The Expanse was a brilliant sci-fi space opera that hit all the right notes, mixing sweeping scale with intimate character interactions and linked stories.

Budget constraints led Amazon to decide on a shorter final season and conclusion, despite seemingly high viewership and intense fandom, though we also wondered if there would be more to come. The show was based on a popular book series, and the final sixth season coincided with the sixth book, before a thirty-year time jump that would have made the show’s format difficult to continue.


As most viewers are only very aware, balanced audience numbers against budgets is usually the deciding factor, whenever production companies decide to pull the plug on our favorite shows. Likewise, it also looks like Amazon is hedging its bets on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power being a massive hit, which is set to become the most expensive television production of all time.


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