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By Nicole Gallucci

As I wait impatiently Ted Lassoback i get my fix of jason sudeikis watching his lesser known movies like Dilapidated. The 2015 independent romantic comedy from husband and wife Sean Mewshaw and Desiree Van Til follows Hannah (Rebecca Hall), the grieving widow of folk singer Hunter Miles. When Professor Hofstra Andrew McCabe (Sudeikis) arrives in the small town of Hannah, Maine hoping to write a book about her late husband, she angrily pushes him away. But after struggling to tell Hunter’s story herself, she enlists the expertise of McCabe to help write her biography. fans of before sunrise will find comfort in Dilapidatedthe appreciation of simple, yet deeply profound character ties. Although the film has its lighter moments, much like Ted Lasso, it shows a softer, more thoughtful side to the Sudeikis. We spend most of our time with him and Hall, but a lovely supporting cast includes Dianna Agron, Joe Manganiello, Griffin Dunne and Blythe Danner. While the film’s ending feels a bit cliche and rushed, Dilapidated remains a touching story of love, loss, and letting go.



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