This feel-good Netflix movie just hit second place with 33 million hours watched


Netflix is ​​bringing its subscribers some great movies this month, including the comedy mainstay Rebel Wilson Senior Year and reality prank sequel Jackass 4.5. Both of these movies have been well received by viewers, but there’s a surprising third entry in the mix that’s also vying for the top spot.

A Perfect Pairing is an appropriately titled feel-good film, offering the carefree watch we could all be doing right now. This bubbly romantic comedy stars Victoria Justice and Adam Demos as an outrageously beautiful pair of people who meet and fall in love each other enough despite less than ideal circumstances.

In this case, A Perfect Pairing follows an enthusiastic Los Angeles wine executive named Lola (Justice) who travels to Australia in order to secure a major client for her company. While downstairs, she agrees to work on a sheep farm to win over the potential business partner and sparks fly with Max (Demos), a rugged and mysterious local. It has all the hallmarks of a Hallmark movie, only with a slightly higher production budget.

Of course, the pair start out at odds; Max dislikes Lola’s habits in big cities, while Lola finds Max closed off and more than a little rude. But soon those walls come down and things get a little steamy. Don’t worry though, this isn’t 365 Days: This Day smut levels, things are kept at a family-friendly TV-14 level.

The film released last week to little fanfare from the streamer itself, but it quickly found a very receptive audience. In fact, in its first week on Netflix, the film racked up 33 million watch hours (via top10netflix (opens in a new tab)), and that number is only going up as it continues to climb Netflix’s top 10 most-watched movies list.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for A Perfect Pairing, as critics haven’t been so kind to the bubbly romantic comedy. He currently gets 57% on rotten tomatoes (opens in a new tab). But any genre fan will tell you that these movies aren’t made for reviews and based on the social media reaction, it looks like many Netflix subscribers found the film a treat.


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