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Choice paralysis is a by-product of the digital age and late capitalism. Everybody felt it you stand in the blindingly fluorescent aisle of the supermarket, surrounded by hundreds of brands of crackers, wondering which one you want, thinking it would almost be easier to live in a totalitarian society with a simple choice (“Crackers-Brand Crackers”). People also experience this in the world of streaming, scrolling through title after title, reading or researching each one, until more time has been spent searching for a movie on netflix than it would have taken to watch one.


Algorithms don’t make it easy either. These predictive strings of mathematical code anticipate his every desire, changing titles on a homepage based on what has already been watched. The problem is that this can create a feedback loop where you only see what you’ve already seen (or something close to it). Anticipation algorithm can keep people on netflix locked in the same loop of similar films, often with diminishing returns. It’s similar to what happens on Facebook or social media in general with the “filter bubbles” or “ideological bubbles”, in which the algorithms only show you what you already like or are with. agreement, preventing anyone from learning anything new.

Fortunately, there is some kind of hack for the netflix enigma. There are literally hundreds of Secret Codes for Netflix, which makes for a very specific overview of what to watch. The Netflix navigation menu can be notoriously vague or difficult, so these codes break things down into palatable groups that are so distinct that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. The codes have a wide range, from sub-sub-subgenres (“Feel-Good Sports Movies for Ages 8-10”) to very specific casting decisions (“Dark Movies Starring Robert De Niro”). You can find what to watch for any type of cinema possible with these codes.

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You can simply use any search engine and type “Netflix” followed by the specific code, and the first item to appear will be the curated collection of movies on Netflix based on the code. To redeem the codes if you are using a web browser, you can enter:

At the end of the URL, type the specific code you are using and you will be redirected to this page. Below are some good codes for what to watch on netflixfollowed by links to the full list of codes.

75804 (Vampire Horror Movies)

He never died
108 Alternate Ending Media/Studios

netflix has a small but fantastic collection of vampire movies, which can probably only be beaten by Shudder. There are some retro classics, prerequisite movies like the lost boys and Interview with the Vampire, with the underrated and most gothic tale of Dracula, Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola. It’s a surprisingly beautiful mix of romance and horror, with excellent performances from Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins and Winona Ryder. The sound and costume design, sets, and makeup are all particularly amazing (and Oscar-winning), and the cinematography and overall tactile feel of the film is wonderful.

One of the most underrated vampire movies of the last year, He never died, is also on Netflix. The film features punk rock great Henry Rollins (of the band Black Flag, with his stellar spoken word career), in a pumped up, daunting turn as a depressed immortal who ponders whether to stop eating people and finally let go of life. It’s a hilarious, surprisingly moving, and delightfully dark little horror-comedy that’s been underappreciated for far too long.

5286 (Sports Comedies)

Goon the last of the enforcers
Entertainment One

Netflix has a surprisingly large amount of international sports movies, but arguably the best are their sports comedies. They have a great selection of international sports comedy, especially Indian (On Supata, Hattrick, Ferrari Ki Sawaari), but also Mexican (Penalty shot) and even Chinese, including the extremely fast pace Pegasusa very fun and energetic racing comedy.

Sure, netflix also shopping cart 2if you’d rather go the “so bad it’s good” route and see one of the most hated sequels ever made. Wheels of Fortune is another very dark and offbeat racing comedy starring Matt Jones of breaking Bad in a hilarious twist. Netflix also has the keep on going continued, Goon: The Last of the Enforcers. The original is one of the greatest (and surprisingly genuine and heartfelt) sports comedies of all time, but the sequel deserves more love. Most of the entire cast (Sean Williams Scott, Allison Pill, Liev Schreiber) returns, and it’s directed by Jay Baruchel, who shows his aptitude for comedic timing previously seen in It is the end and Man Seeking Woman. It really is a great sequel to a classic movie (sorry, shopping cart 2).

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9916 (Romantic Independent Films)

Blue jay
The Orchard / Netflix

Netflix doesn’t play by that code, which not only features many of the best romance movies of all time, but some of the best films of recent years. With the codes, it is not clear how Netflix qualifies and defines “independent”; it seems to be more of a feeling than a budgetary situation for netflix. Nonetheless, many of the films featured here are mind-blowing Howard’s End, Phantom Thread, Middle of Nowhere, and The artist are all excellent and extremely different, but united by a painful and beautiful love in their hearts. The collection in the Netflix code has also Silver Linings Playbooka great romantic comedy-drama about mental health with some of the best actors in a romance movie in decades.

One of the best and most understated films here is the excellent little Blue jay, featuring indie darling Mark Duplass and Ryan Murphy star Sarah Paulson. The two make an unlikely but sweet couple as a pair of old high school sweethearts who stumble into a grocery store 20 years later and spend time catching up and rehashing old stuff. Beautifully shot in black and white, and with an utterly magnetic charm, Blue jay was the best romantic comedy-drama no one has seen.

74652 (cult TV shows)

The computer crowd

Again, what is classified as “cult” is rather abstract and vague, but judging by the excellent suggestions of this netflix code, it looks like something quite quirky or niche that has developed a rabid cult following. It could be something massively (and surprisingly) popular like The Walking Deador it could be something a bit more obscure, like the goofy British sitcom Kath and Kim. the From dusk to dawn The TV series are here, along with offbeat cult comedy classics like Trailer park boys and the infinitely gratifying Monthy Python’s flying circus.

There is also the huge Stargate SG-1which remains one of the greatest science fiction shows of all time; Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Galactica are often mentioned, but Stargate SG-1 deserves a strong reconsideration as one of the most excellent and downright cool sci-fi shows ever made, with a wonderful cast of characters that became easy to fall in love with. Another “cult TV show” that deserves unrelenting praise is the absurd British sitcom The computer crowd, starring Richard Aoyade, Chris O’Dowd and Katherin Parkinson as the three bickering members of the IT department of a massive corporation. Over four seasons (plus a final episode), the show has created some of the deepest belly laughs of any British TV series in history, and is utterly repeatable and quote-worthy.

While some only work in certain countries, and others only have a small selection of movies and TV shows on netflix, these codes are ultimately rewarding nonetheless. They help reduce the endless queue and specify titles in the sea of ​​streaming, something anyone can use from time to time. You can check out a truncated version here, courtesy of Netflix-Codes, and a ridiculously long and comprehensive list of Netflix codes here, courtesy of Ogre’s Crypt. Good spread.

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