The Walking Dead Series Ending Explained: How It Sets Up Rick and Michonne’s Return


And then there’s that final sequence…

Yes, The Walking Dead The series finale features the long-awaited return of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne Hawthorne (Danai Gurira). As two of the show’s most dynamic characters, the brief few minutes they occupy on screen are immediately electric…and also show how much they’ve missed this franchise. Luckily, there’s more Rick and Michonne on the horizon in the form of their unnamed six-episode spin-off, slated to premiere in 2023. Before we get to that, though, it’s that era. of The Walking Dead rest while breaking down this finale. And let’s go ahead and start with the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

How Rick and Michonne Return

You could say it’s rude for a series finale to save its best material for what is essentially a trailer for an upcoming series that will demand more of its viewers’ time. And “one” could, in fact, be me. I dispute that. Still, no matter how I feel about Rick and Michonne’s cameos compared to the rest of the finale, I can’t say their return wasn’t great.

After Daryl (Norman Reed) drives away, we see a character strike a match. Then we see another character lighting a fire as well. The Walking Dead doesn’t delay the mystery much further and quickly gives us angsty close-ups of Rick and Michonne’s faces. Separated from each other and from the rest of their family, they both write letters to their daughter Judith. And the prose is really beautiful. Rick and Michonne share how they came to realize that all life is one life. They are endless. Pieces of a whole that never stop moving forward. An unstoppable life.

But Rick and Michonne aren’t just poets. They are people of action. And in action they soon spring. Michonne dons absolutely badass armor and rides a horse through an impossibly huge herd of walkers, continuing her journey to find her man and restore her family.

Meanwhile, Rick roams the wilderness, barefoot and wearing a jacket with the Civic Republic Army’s distinctive circular logo. (Read more about them here.) As Rick comes to a creek, he hears the sound of helicopter blades whirring and panicking. A voice from the loudspeaker of said helicopter shouts and says, “Consignor Grimes, you have been located and ordered to surrender. Stay in place with your hands up. The voice then adds, more personally, “Come on, Rick. It’s like he told you: there is no escape for the living. The camera then pans back to reveal that Rick is on the edge of a huge ruined city. The skyline is wide enough to suggest it could be New York. And that would make sense given what we know about CRM.


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