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One of the most fun things for humans to watch are other humans. Reality TV has been an integral part of our media for several decades. With my favorite reality TV show “Survivor” in the middle of its 42nd season, I thought it was time to rank my five favorite reality TV shows over the past 10 years.

Coming in at number five, “Say Yes to the Dress” has been on the air for 14 years now. When I was going through my wedding planning phase, “Say Yes to the Dress” was one of my favorite shows to watch. You may be entertained by women who pay more for a dress than a used car. Whether you love the show for its fashion and watching women find their dream wedding dress or for its ridiculous prices and crying brides, there’s something for all viewers.

Number four is in a completely different way of reality TV than “Say Yes to the Dress.” “The Voice” was a house favorite while I was growing up. It has become so popular that there are now versions of the show around the world in over 60 countries. If you love any type of music and enjoy listening to amazing singers, this is a show to watch. When it comes to singing, this show recently eclipsed American Idol, The X Factor, and America’s Got Talent.

Number Three is one of the most popular reality TV shows in movie history. “The Bachelor” is one of my favorite shows to watch, reality TV or otherwise. My favorite thing to do with my mom when I was younger was watch the new episode every Monday night and predict who we thought was going to be the lucky winner. Featuring little dramas and beautiful travel destinations, “The Bachelor” is a fantastic introduction to my three favorite reality TV shows.

Coming up close, the classic “The Amazing Race” was a must-watch for my whole family. Looking back on my childhood, I can attribute some of my wanderlust to this TV show. Seeing the breathtaking places where these competitors were going made me want to participate one day and also to travel the world. From an early age, this show stuck with me and is one of the funnest reality TV shows, without being overly dramatic.

Rounding out my top five, my favorite reality TV show is “Survivor.” From Jeff Probst as the host to physical challenges and exotic location strategy, this TV show is one of the best reality shows on air. This is proven by the fact that it is in its 42nd season and has been running for 22 years. He’s a fan favorite across the country and I hope he continues to impress.


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