The JSA May Lead the Next Wave of DCU TV Shows


black adam has been out for a few weeks and audiences have been blown away by the Justice Society of America, more commonly referred to as simply the Justice Society. This team has legendary status in the comics, with its history dating back to World War II. Chronologically, they’re one of the first DC teams in the comics, and they should be the DCU’s first team on TV. It’s no secret that the DCU is looking to expand further into television, and using the JSA is the perfect way to do that.

The JSA fought in World War II alongside Allied forces in DC comics history. Members like Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Jay Garrick (the first Flash) were all part of the original team. With James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the new DCU, they’ll likely be looking to create a more cohesive universe. Creating a TV series that looks back on the history of the JSA and shows its origins allows the DCU to grow and the characters to black adam being given a bigger role in the hopefully growing universe.

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The Justice Society can create the new DCU

black adam hints at a deeper story for many JSA members. Doctor Fate said he lived longer than he ever imagined. Hawkman has made it clear that he doesn’t fear death, subtly indicating his reincarnation story. Even Atom Smasher showed the hero has been around for a long time with Henry Winkler’s cameo as the original hero. Each of these heroes has a larger story that they can fit into a TV series. A series could show the team being created during World War II or another war, then take the time to explore the special relationships each character has with each other and with their own mortality.

Having a team that’s been around for a long time in the DCU can also help set the standard for what it means to be a hero. The old DCEU received significant criticism for never featuring good heroes, nearly every character was steeped in darkness, brooding, and death. Wonder Woman often stood above this scrutiny, and with her origin beginning during World War I, she could easily interact with the JSA during World War II. The JSA could be the heroic standards that other heroes begin to learn from. Superman may have watched war reels growing up, Batman could study history and learn more. As they become a centerpiece of the DCU, they can have a greater impact on other heroes.

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The JSA is the past and the future of the DCU

The JSAs are among the best-received elements of the new black adam film. With the film being the first of what appears to be a new DCU, it would make sense for the JSA to become a focal point of the franchise. While the Justice League may still control the box office, the DCU needs to build them slower and not rush like the disastrous Justice League 2017 movie. The DCU can use a JSA TV show to fill the void and allow the movies to build a better Justice League. If both teams are simultaneously working across movies and TV, then the DCU is already gearing up for a massive crossover that will definitely smash the box office.

Creating a JSA TV series could really help start the DCU off on the right foot. The team can help establish a deep history of heroes within the DCU, and they can serve as inspiration for the newly reworked Superman and other previous heroes. Allowing the best parts to black adam to shine shows a commitment to creating media that fans crave and developing a more cohesive universe.


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