The controversial Chris Pratt film is now streaming on Netflix


Chris Pratt’s appearance as Star-Lord in the first guardians of the galaxy The film marked a line in the sand for the actor’s career, his transformation from chubby-comic relief to ripped action hero had begun. Before becoming Marvel’s hero, however, he dipped his toes into another movie where he muscled up and wielded a gun on a mission, technically for a movie that wasn’t an action movie, Jessica Chastain from 2012 with Zero Dark Thirty. Now streaming on NetflixPratt played a member of Seal Team Six in the film, even playing the character who killed Osama Bin Laden himself, and that’s just one of the many controversial things about this film.

Among the things that have been controversial about the film, its release in October, before a presidential election, was seen as a partisan decision by Sony Pictures; while others accused the filmmakers of having access to classified material that should not have been distributed to anyone in the public (although investigated by the CIA, nothing ever came of it). The biggest controversy that surrounded the film after its release, however, was how many thought the film actively portrayed a picture of the effectiveness of torture. Several senators, including Dianne Feinstein and John McCain, wrote a letter to Sony decrying her description of the act.

Not only were several scenes used in the film that depicted him, but the narrative also seemed to draw a straight line towards his usefulness, but also towards his being key to locating bin Laden, a widely disputed fact. Among the many critics of this part of the film was Oscar winner Alex Gibney, who wrote in a Huffington Post column, “When we go to war, our politicians will be guided by our popular will. And if we believe that torture “has” bin Laden, then we will be more inclined to accept the idea that a good “end” can justify brutal “means”.

Despite the controversies surrounding the film, it was still a huge success. The film earned five Oscar nominations, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress for Chastain, and Best Picture. For Pratt, it marked the start of the next step in his career, but was also a building block that led to his new Amazon Prime Video series, The Terminal List.

Doing (Zero Dark Thirty) I gotta go down to Coronado and meet the SEALs there and meet some guys who were training,” Pratt said on the Smartless Podcast recently. “All the tough Navy SEAL training is finished there in Coronado. So I met a guy there that I ended up sort of following for the character that I was playing. He, to this day, is like my best friend. We worked together. He was considering joining Team 6 at that time, but also always had a calling to perform and be in Hollywood. So our paths crossed.”

zero dark thirty is now streaming on Netflix and The list of terminals just premiered on Amazon Prime Video.


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