The 8 Best International Movies of 2022 on Netflix (So Far), Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes


Scrolling through Netflix’s long list of categories that range from action and adventure movies to animated series to docuseries probably keeps viewers awake at night: it seems there’s no end to Netflix’s list of options to watch. Tech-savvy viewers might have found the secret Netflix codes that help narrow down the options.

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Among these secret codes, viewers can find international films, whether they are hard-hitting films such as Lazzaro Felice (2018) and Big fish and begonia (2016) or newer movies released in 2022 that are also Netflix Originals. Still, which of these international films currently releasing in 2022 might interest viewers?

“Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” – South Korea

Viewers who watched Pirates of the Caribbean films and eagerly await the details of the next Pirates of the Caribbean 6 The movie might want to watch a South Korean take on pirate adventure movies. Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure was the sequel to The Pirates (2014). In Pirates: the last royal treasure, a pirate crew sought to find sunken treasure.

A group of bandits who previously floated on a wooden plank in the sea joined them in their search for treasure. Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure is a light-hearted action-adventure comedy. 60% of reviews gave Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure a 3.5 or higher, while 56% of viewers gave the film a 3.5 or higher.


“Today we are fixing the world” (original title: “Hoy se arregla el mundo”) – Argentina

Over the past nine years, television producer David Samarás (Leonard Sbaraglia) thought Benito (Benjamin Lasarte) was his son. During a heated argument with the boy’s mother, Silvina (Natalia Oreiro) informed David that he was not Benito’s father. Now a TV producer who helped solve complex problems for other people on the show Hoy se arregla el mundohe was on a mission to find Benito’s father.

Today we fix the world Where Hoy se arregla el mundo was released in Argentina in 2021, but it didn’t arrive on Netflix until 2022. The film doesn’t follow the clichés seen in similar storylines, like the biological father being an unlikable person or the main character be completely himself. absorbed by his success. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 60% of audiences scored Today we fix the world a 3.5 out of 5.

‘How I fell in love with a gangster’ (original title: ‘Jak pokochalam gangstera’) – Poland

Viewers browsing Netflix’s international movies might find a few romantic comedies, such as The taming of the evil ones (2022) or squared love (2021). However, there was a Polish film that was labeled as a crime drama. How I fell in love with a gangster (2022) chronicles the life of Nikodem “Nikos” Skotarczak (Tomasz Wlosok), a Polish mobster.

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Nikos chose this lifestyle, and he was well aware that once he became a gangster, there was no going back. The dark undertone of the film expresses the rise and fall of the gangster, hungry for fame and fortune. 65% of Rotten Tomatoes audiences gave How I fell in love with a gangster a 3.5 or higher.

‘Love Tactics’ (Original title: Ask Taktikleri) – Turkey

Asli (Demet Ozdemir) wrote advice on her blog “Love Tactics”, aimed at women looking for love. She considered herself an expert on how men and women act in relationships. Kerem (Sukrü Ozyildiz) believed to know every detail of women, how they think and how they work.

Yet, to demonstrate that their knowledge actually works, they are challenged to find love using only their advice. love tactics (2022)had the makings of a typical romantic comedy that viewers will likely find on Netflix. 67% of viewers donated love tactics a 3.5 or higher on Rotten Tomatoes.

‘Silverton Siege’ – South Africa

At the beginning of Silverton Headquarters (2022), two armed men and a woman threatened to shoot an incident person in a bank. Both men, Calvin Khumalo (Thabo Rametsi), Aldo Erasmus (Stephane Erasmus), and wife, Mbali Terra Mabunda (Noxolo Dlamini), had no intention of robbing the South African bank. They swore that their mission was not to hurt innocent bystanders. They were freedom fighters who wanted to eliminate the current leaders in power and were not afraid of the consequences.

The gripping action in Silverton Headquarters was based on true events that took place in the 1980s where freedom fighters held hostages in a Praetorian bank and, in exchange, demanded the release of Nelson Mandela. 71% of critics and 65% of audiences gave Silverton Headquarters a 3.5 or higher on Rotten Tomatoes.

‘In Good Hands’ (Original title: ‘Sen Yasamaya Bak’) – Turkey

In good hands is a Turkish film about a woman, Melisa (Asli Enver), who raised her son, Can (Mert Ege Ak), only. Although she had learned to overcome being a single mother, there was one challenge that she could not overcome on her own. Melisa visited her doctor, who informed her that she only had five months to live.

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As she spent each day enjoying life with her son, she worried about her son’s life once she was gone. She considered the possibility of finding a businessman to help raise her son. In good hands was a romantic drama that emphasized the importance of family and living life to the fullest. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 75% of viewers ranked In good hands 3.5 or higher.

‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ – India

The biographical film Ganguabai Kathiawadi was about an aspiring actress turned Indian social activist. Alia Bhat played the role of Ganguabai, who was secretly planning to marry her boyfriend, but instead of marrying her boyfriend, her boyfriend sold her to a brothel. She became a sex worker and a leader for other women who took a stand against Shelia Masi, the owner of the brothel.

Bhatt delivered a powerful performance portraying a character based on the real Gangubai Harjivandas Kathiawadi. Gangubai Kathiawadi was appreciated by critics and audiences; 87% of critics and 97% of audiences gave the film a rating of 3.5 or higher on Rotten Tomatoes.

“The Shadow in My Eyes” (original title:Skyggen i mit øje’) — Denmark

As its inhabitants attempted to go about their daily lives, gray skies loomed over Copenhagen, Denmark. Warplanes filled the skies as the British Air Force planned to destroy the Gestapo in Copenhagen. However, the planes fired missiles directly at a school rather than at the Gestapo.

The shadow in my eyes recounted the real and tragic events of 1945, when 120 people were killed, including children. The film showcased the gripping experiences and trauma that the people of Copenhagen have endured. Although originally released in 2021 in Denmark, Netflix added The shadow in my eyes in March 2022. 94% of audiences gave The shadow in my eyes a 3.5 out of 5, as all five reviews from critics rated the film positively, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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