Several ‘365 days’ sequels coming to Netflix


Netflix would develop several sequels for 365 days, the controversial Polish film that the streamer released internationally in June 2020. The film garnered a lot more attention than Netflix’s typical foreign-language release because of its explicit sex scenes that have earned it comparisons with 50 shades of Gray. The film was also widely criticized by critics, even winning a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay in April. But no publicity is bad publicity and two sequels are coming in 2022.

Earlier this month, Deadline reported that Michele Morrone, Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Magdalena Lamparska will return for the sequel. Directors Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes are also back. Model Simone susinna joined the cast. Scripts for 365 days part 2 and 365 days part 3 will draw inspiration from Blanka Lipinska’s follow-up books, but Deadline reports that the plot may be tweaked slightly to be less explicit than the books. Lipinska wrote the screenplay for the first film with Mojca Tirs. They will also write the sequels with Mandes.

In 365 days, Marrone played the role of Don Massimo Torricelli and Sieklucka played Laura Biel. The plot involves Laura being imprisoned by Sicilian gangster Massimo, who demands that she fall in love with him within a year. In the sequel, the two reunite, but their lives are complicated by Massimo’s family and a mysterious man who tries to win Laura’s heart.

The original 365 days was an acquisition for Netflix, but this time the streamer will be directly involved in its production with the producers of the original film. Mandes and Ewa Lewandowska will produce the sequels with Maciej Kawulski. They will be shot in Poland and Italy.

365 days was one of our most popular films with our members in 2020, ”said Netflix‘s Łukasz Kluskiewicz, head of film content acquisition for EEC and Poland, in a statement to Deadline. “We are working closely with Blanka Lipinska, author of the 365 Days book trilogy and writer of the film, to continue the story of Laura and Massimo on screen. Their journey together is full of twists and turns as our characters continue to grow and learn more about themselves.

News that a sequel was in the works surfaced last year, but the filmmakers and star have said the coronavirus pandemic will delay their plans. “You have to be patient and wait. Probably until next year. We don’t know exactly when we can start,” Sieklucka reportedly said in an Instagram video. “Everything has been stopped and the situation is similar in all countries, and the film industry has just frozen,” added Lampraska. “A trip to another country, especially Italy, would be too risky for the Polish crew at this time.”

365 days became controversial by the time it hit Netflix, but subscribers kept it in Netflix’s Top 10 in over 90 countries for weeks. The film was also the fourth most searched movie on Google last year. While the controversial content may have been the reason so many people watched the movie, Deadline notes that Netflix’s involvement in the production of sequels may lead to more tame follow-ups.


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