Sailor Moon Eternal review: Netflix film returns to the heart of the series


The 2014 series Sailor Moon Crystal, the second attempt at an anime adaptation of Naoko Takeuchi’s film Sailor moon manga, has met mixed reactions from fans. It was a more faithful adaptation of the manga series than the beloved ’90s anime adaptation, but its central characters, Guardians of Earth (also known as Sailor Senshi), were looking away. sailor pluto suddenly had lighter skin. CGI transformations where characters transform into their overpowered forms seemed outdated. And the muted tones lacked the bright, colorful prettiness that fans remembered from the ’90s.

By season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, CGI transformations disappeared and the art style became less rigid and more playful. Now, five years later, season 4 of the series, featured on Netflix as the two-part film Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, looks like the culmination of everything the creators learned from Crystalthe original missteps. And it brings fans closer to what makes Sailor Moon great.

Eternal Sailor Moon follows the manga’s Dream arc, where the mysterious Dead Moon Circus arrives in Japan during a solar eclipse. Their ruler, Queen Nehelenia, wants to take over the world by trapping humans in nightmares, claiming the throne of the Moon Kingdom – known as the Silver Millennium – and ruling the Earth, which she believes belongs to her. by right. But the main character, Sailor Moon (or Usagi), her destined love Mamoru (also known as Tuxedo Mask), Chibiusa or Sailor Chibi Moon (future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru, who has traveled to the present day – yes, that’s one thing), and her trusted friends and allies, the Sailor Guardians (named after their respective planets), have something to say about Nehelenia’s ambitions. At the same time, the Sailor Guardians encounter a human pegasus turned unicorn named Helios, who is looking for something called the Golden Crystal and has eyes for Chibiusa.

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As the original ’90s anime took liberties by adapting Takeuchi’s manga, completely changing the backstory of Queen Nehelenia, Eternal Sailor Moon is essentially an accurate retelling of the Dream Arc. But even people who are already familiar with the manga may find the animated version fascinating, given the chance to see new things in the Sailor Moon animated universe, like the full and elaborate Sailor Saturn transformation sequence. The film often seems rushed, however, with a total running time of just 160 minutes, compared to a typical 260-minute season of Sailor Moon Crystal. Instead of a cohesive film, the two-part film often feels like a series of chained episodes, which, to be fair, is how it is presented in the manga.

However, some of the charm of the ’90s anime is still there. This is in part due to the return of Chiaki Kon, the director of the season 3 series of Sailor moon Crystal, and Kazuko Tadano, who directed character design for the first two seasons of the 90s anime, as well as the 1993 Sailor Moon R: The Movie. As she did with Crystalin the third season of, Kon brings a directorial style that allows for dynamic and beautiful scenes. With the drawings of the characters of Tadano, Eternal Sailor Moon help to create the best version of Crystal giving the characters a fresh look in line with the amazing fashion that the 90s anime is known for, like the mesh tank top and black shorts from Sailor Pluto. But she also displays the characters in a way that makes them fun.

Fortunately, there are plenty of romantic scenes and fun moments to make up for the feeling that something is missing. Movies easily switch between comedic and serious moments. As Usagi and Mamoru vie for the “Put on a brave face so my partner doesn’t worry” award, some of the other Guardians wish to have their own romantic partners. In one scene, Rei (Sailor Mars) expresses her desire to run her grandfather’s sanctuary “more efficiently” and Mina (Sailor Venus) comes up with a solution with literal stars in her eyes – “free husband help”. Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) and Mina explain how they want their own boyfriend, but even if they pass out at the idea, they immediately become stoic when reminded that bad guys can take a step. “It’s high time,” says Sailor Mars. “Go ahead, we’re ready,” Sailor Venus says, as all the girls take a fierce look.

Villains aren’t the only ones creating internal battles for characters, however. As they battle baddies and try to save the world, another monster appears: Impostor Syndrome! As the film progresses, all of the inner Sailor Senshi (associated with the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) are attacked by the Dead Moon Circus, which feeds off their false fears and true insecurities.

One of the best examples is Sailor Venus, who struggles with insecurity as the leader of the Inner Guardians after losing her ability to transform. His crisis intensifies as the rest of the squad continue to breed older and definitely cooler outside senshi who joined the squad the previous season, but have since disappeared. When Sailor Venus is attacked, the villains create a fake dream scenario where she can rescue children trapped on top of a building, which turns out to be a trap. But eventually, her talking cat sidekick and best friend, Artemis – here seen animated in human form for the very first time – helps her regain her self-esteem and power. While Sailor moonLove stories often revolve around romantic love, moments like these, about different types of love are shown to be equally important. Set in a fantasy, dreamy film about battling heinous villains, what makes the Sailor Moon franchise special is the creators’ ability to anchor it in real, day-to-day problems.

This story arc has also been adapted in many Sailor Moon fans. least preferred season from the original anime (although this season, referred to as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS, has some influence with Chibiusa stans). But in this new adaptation, the film sticks up with the rest of the franchise and does the manga justice, in a way that will make Sailor Moon fans swell with lunar pride. Newcomers to the Sailor Moon franchise may enjoy this two-part movie, but they’re bound to find it confusing. There’s enough information to piece together some of the story, especially since it introduces a new villain – but ultimately jumping here is exactly like starting a show in season four.

But for the fans, this return to form is going as usual. Sailor Moon, the character and the series, reveals that when the powers of the characters are channeled together, they become unstoppable, because the real power comes from the community. In his heart, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie is to overcome evil with the power of love and friendship. And there is nothing left Sailor moon only that.


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