Ryan Sutter briefs fans on mysterious illness


Former Bachelorette star, Ryan Sutter, has gone through tough times with his health. Now he talks about what he found out. Things seem to be improving for the star.

Ryan Sutter’s disease

Ryan Sutter revealed last year that he had a mysterious illness and wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.

Of course, he originally talks about his journey on Instagram. First, he says that to become a firefighter he had to attend an 18-week academy in Denver. However, towards the end of this process, he started to get really sick. Despite the pandemic, he has never tested positive for COVID. He goes on to reveal that not only did he get sick, but five months later he was still sick.

“Towards the end of this process, I felt more and more exhausted and I started to have occasional ‘flu-like’ symptoms. I have been tested for COVID several times but never tested positive. I finished academy and believed / hoped that I would start to recover and feel better. It’s been five months now and at least I feel worse.

This post was in December 2020. It is now May 2021 and he is finally posting an article on how he feels. It looks like he’s not getting any better, but things are better than they used to be.

Ryan Sutter | Instagram

Things are improving

According to ScreenRant, Ryan is finally making progress on his journey to healthy living. he shared a new post on Instagram. In the post, he says things are finally getting better for him. While he is not sharing any details, he says fans can expect more information to come.

“As I continue to contemplate the experiences of the past year, I begin to let go of the maybes and find certainty in myself. I am sure of my place in professional and personal life. Responses have unfolded regarding my health and I am certain of my direction to go. (more to come…) Things are indeed improving… ”

Hopefully Ryan continues his healing journey and has no lasting effect from this disease. It will be interesting to see what its next update will be. It would be amazing if it was a full diagnosis with a cure to make him feel better.

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