Ryan Murphy’s Adam Warhol Documentary Series Coming to Netflix


Netflix will premiere a new documentary series from producer Ryan Murphy about iconic artist Andy Warhol that uses rare diary entries and footage.

Netflix will try to uncover the truth behind an iconic artist in its new docuseries, Andy Warhol’s Diaries. The streaming platform has had great success with its limited documentary series in recent years, with titles like tiger king, Don’t fuck with catsand the recent Kanye West documentary jeen-yuhs critical acclaim and a high number of viewers. Netflix shows no signs of stopping with several other documentary projects releasing in the first half of 2022 alone, including Andy Warhol’s Diaries.

A tweet from netflix gives the first official synopsis of the docuseries, a poster and a release date of March 9, 2022. american horror story creator Ryan Murphy is producing the series, which will use Andy Warhol’s diary entries and rare footage to “discover the artist behind the art.” This will be the first Warhol documentary project to premiere since 2008. Andy Warhol’s People Factory; it also borders a Biopic directed by Jared Leto announced in 2016 which remains unpublished. Check out the tweet below:


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Andy Warhol’s Diaries covers the life of the eponymous artist, who quickly rose to fame in the 1960s for his pop art that depicted everything from Campbell’s soup cans to shoes and other celebrities. Apart from his public declaration of homosexuality, his religious beliefs and a few other aspects, Warhol’s personality remained largely mysterious until his untimely death in 1987. After an assassination attempt on his life in 1968, the collaborator and friend of Warhol’s Pat Hackett began keeping journal entries of their conversations, which culminated in the posthumously published memoirs that inspired the Netflix series. Andy Warhol’s Diaries is one of several 2022 Netflix projects from producer Murphy under a massive five-year deal with the platform that includes the upcoming Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and a pair of news american horror story spin off.

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