‘Return to Christmas Creek’ Netflix Movie Review – A Boring Watch for This Festive Season


Movie lead Amelia is working to launch a new app – Christmas Assist which will make it easy for people to buy gifts from home. Proposing the same idea in front of investors, Amelia was very confident because she had worked hard for it. But investors rejected his idea. It probably wasn’t a good start to her Christmas. Later, her boyfriend Brad also broke up with her because of the constant one-sided efforts. Here are two reasons for a bad Christmas.

The Hughes family did not bond well as the brothers fought and now live apart. One day, Dan (Amelia’s father) receives a letter from Harry (her brother). The mail invited Dan and his family to return to Christmas Creek, their hometown for the celebration of Christmas. Due to the broken ties, the parents did not go however, as everything was going wrong in her life, Amelia went to her uncle’s house.

Unaware of her arrival, Uncle Harry was quite surprised and couldn’t even recognize her. On her way to Christmas Creek, Amelia met a handsome man, Mike. She later finds out that he is the same Mike she was friends with as a child. Gradually, they both fall in love. There is a characteristic of the Hughes family that they tend to run from things rather than work on them. The same is reflected in the effort they put into relationships.

When Amelia decided to visit Christmas Creek, her parents were unaware. It was a surprise to them that she was there. But one thing came out of all the fuss, the Hughes family got together and sat down together for Christmas dinner. Since it’s a Christmas movie, audiences already know there’s a good ending.

If you want to watch a light movie, then this Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original is a good option. For those looking for a good Christmas movie, they might want to skip it. The plot was as usual, a girl returns to her hometown and finds love. Amelia, at the same time, finds her family on the occasion of Christmas. She tells us the importance of a family. There is a sentence said by her at the end of the film that I really liked: “If we don’t have each other, then what do we have”.

Talking about the cast of the movie, they did an average job. Return to Christmas Creek failed to capture the public’s attention because the plot was too predictable. The chemistry between Amelia and Mike wasn’t up to par either. They lacked spark and that made me feel like Mike’s casting could be a lot better. The 86-minute film was average overall and lacked the charm of a Christmas movie.

Final score – [6/10]
Reviewed by – Riya Singh
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