‘Pretty Smart’ cancelled: no season 2 for Emily Osment’s Netflix comedy


Well, it didn’t take a genius to see this coming: Netflix canceled Smart enough after just one season, TVLine learned exclusively.

The news comes shortly after TVLine announced that Emily Osment had been elevated to series regular status on CBS. Young Sheldon.

Smart enough starred Osment as Chelsea, a snooty intellectual who was forced to move in with her “not-so-intellectual” sister Claire (filthy rich(Olivia Macklin) after being dumped by her boyfriend. Claire’s hot and silly roommates were on board: personal trainer Grant (Runaways‘ Gregg Sulkin), lawyer-turned-healer Solana (Deputyof Cinthya Carmon) and social media influencer Jayden (little pretty things‘Michael Hsu Rosen).

The first (and now only) 10-episode season ended with Chelsea and Grant preparing to tell Claire – who was dating Grant, by the way – that they have feelings for each other. . Unfortunately, Claire also had a romantic revelation about her ex-boyfriend, choosing to dump her new boyfriend (played by Kevin Miles aka “Jake from State Farm”) and get back together with Grant. As for which sister Grant would have chosen, we may never know.

Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand created the sitcom, serving as executive producers alongside Kourtney Kang, Jim Brandon, Brian Singleton and Pamela Fryman.

TVLine’s streaming TV scorecard has been updated to reflect Smart enoughit’s fate. Were you a fan? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the Netflix comedy below.

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