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Over the years, television show adaptations have grown in popularity, bringing their source material to the screen along with hours of episodes not tuned into the typical film adaptation. While classic book-to-TV adaptations are arguably still the most common, advances in technology have made other forms of adaptation commonplace. There are now many adaptations of video games into television series, and even more recently, adaptations of podcasts into television series.

Bringing a podcast to the screen comes with its own set of pros and cons. Serialized podcasts are often several hours long, providing solid story arcs that might be harder to find in a simpler video game. However, since podcasts are an audio medium, it is up to television creators to determine how best to view the source material.

So what are some examples of podcast adaptations to TV series, and which ones are worth checking out? Stacker has compiled a list of all podcasts turned into TV series with over 1000 votes on IMDb and ranked by IMDb user rating, with links then broken by votes.

From “Homecoming” to “The Dropout,” here’s a ranking of 17 podcast-based TV shows.

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