One Season’s Horror Shows You Can Go From Resident Evil To IT


Horror is increasingly becoming a top genre on TV, with several spooky new shows set to debut this month. But for those in the mood to binge on shows, there are plenty of single-season horror shows that can be watched in a single weekend.

They’ll be easy on the eye but still give you that good old Halloween scare. Here are five scary shows that only last one season from HBO Lovecraft Country to the classic 1990 THIS.

5. Constantine (2014) on NBC

Legends of Tomorrow – “The Mushroom Among Us” – Image Number: LGN615fg_0045r.jpg – Pictured: Matt Ryan as Constantine – Photo: The CW – © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.Photo credit: Bettina StraussPhoto credit: Bettina Strauss

Constantine has long been a cult favorite DC character. While the best-known version of the character is probably the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie, the one fans like to point to as the best is the one-season TV series.

Constantine is a detective specializing in cases concerning the occult and mystical arts. Matt Ryan’s highly praised performance is one of the main reasons the series is cited as the character’s best adaptation.

In fact, Ryan’s performance was such a hit that after the show was canceled, he was cast on The CW. Arrowverse. He first appeared in a guest spot on the show Arrow then later becoming a series regular on Legends of tomorrow.

The inclusion of Matt Ryan as Constantine retroactively added the entire show to the Arrowverse, extending the franchise even further. But it was the original thirteen-episode series that launched this version of the character and is still worth checking out for a trip to some of the spookiest elements of the DC Universe.

4. Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974) on ABC

Kolchak: the nocturnal tracker was an early example of a “one-season wonder”, which would achieve a large fan base despite being quickly canceled. The series was based on two hit made-for-TV movies starring the title character; an investigative reporter who would look into strange happenings that may or may not have supernatural origins.

The made-for-TV movies were massive hits, with the former garnering the highest ratings for a TV movie up to that point. When the property was adapted into a series, it only lasted one season before being canceled.

Yet, despite his short stint on television, Kolchak would grow to have a successful fan base. A fanbase so strong it would eventually include Chris Carterthe creator of The X Files.

Years later, he will cite Kolchak as a major influence on the long-running Supernatural television series. Over the years with Kolchak gaining cult status among fans, the show was remade as a series titled Night Prowler in 2005.

This new, updated version of the show was a hit with both critics and fans of the old show, being canceled with the final four episodes unaired. The original series continues to have a sequel.

He is cited as the inspiration for many major hits in modern television.

3. Lovecraft Country (2020) on HBO

Lovecraft Country

Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollett and Michael K. Williams in Lovecraft Country Season 1, Episode 4 – Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO

Based on a novel of the same name, Lovecraft Country is set in the 1950s in Jim Crow, America. A black man named Atticus Freeman must navigate his way across the states on a road trip facing not only the racist horror of the time and place, but also monsters like those who don’t. would not be out of place in a story written by HP Lovecraft.

The series has a fantastic internal mythology to play with. This includes the real-life book the show is based on in the show’s world and the main characters trying to fight the end of the book. Starring Johnathan Majors who would later play Kang in the MCU, the series has received a lot of praise.

A second season was in development before HBO ultimately decided to cancel the series, leaving it with just one season.

2. Resident Evil (2022) on Netflix

resident Evil


Although best known for video games, the resident Evil The franchise has grown into so much more over the years, including an anime, book series, and multiple movie franchises. In 2022, the franchise made its live-action television debut with an eight-episode season released on Netflix.

The series was split into two; half of each episode explored the events that would lead to an eventual outbreak of the zombie creating the T-virus, with the other half set fourteen years later in a world where the apocalypse has occurred. The series exists in its own universe, but it uses the events of the video games as a basis to construct its own timeline.

It sets the story as a possible future timeline of some of the events from previous moments in the series. The series had the potential to be a long-running franchise, with the first season having several teases about where the series might go in future seasons.

However, Netflix chose not to renew the show. The eight episodes that were produced are now the complete resident Evil live action series.

1. IT (1990) on ABC

While Stephen King THIS recently regained prominence in pop culture thanks to the 2017 film and its sequel, the first book adaptation was a 1990 television miniseries. The two-part television event aired in November 1990.

It was a major hit for the network at the time with nearly thirty million views over the two nights. The series is best known for Tim Curry’s defining portrayal as Pennywise the Clown, though the cast also includes John Ritter, Annette O’Toole, and a very young Seth Green.

Because the series aired on television, it had to adhere to standards and practices that required the show to be creative in evoking fear without breaking any restrictions. This led to the horror of the series leaning towards the psychological ending.

This ended up helping the show be a hit with both audiences and critics. Whereas THIS was not the first television miniseries based on the work of Stephen King (Salem Bundle was in 1979) it was so successful that it spawned a whole series of miniseries based on King’s work, including Sometimes they come back (1991), The Tommyknockers (1993), The stall (1994), The Langoliers (1995) and the brilliant (1997).

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