Netflix’s Interceptor Director Addresses Chris Hemsworth’s Hilarious Cameo


In the past two weeks, a new thriller titled Interceptor was one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. The original action movie stars Elsa Pataky as a military officer trying to defend a missile launch station in the middle of the ocean. Netflix subscribers flocked to see Interceptor lately, and many have been surprised to see Thor star Chris Hemsworth appears in the film.

Hemsworth, who is Pataky’s real husband and executive producer of the film, appears as an employee at an electronics store trying to sell televisions. The cameo definitely highlights Hemsworth’s chops as a comedian (which have been on full display over the past few years) and viewers enjoyed seeing him on screen. Following the success of Interceptor, director Matthew Reilly spoke with EO about setting the Hemsworth cameo.

“Yeah, I think he’s up and coming, that actor who played Jed the stoner TV salesman. I think he’s got a future. Keep an eye on him. His name is… Hemswith? Oh, Hemsworth, I think,” Reilly joked. “What a guy. So funny. There’s even a line where they’re rushing out of the store, and Chris says, “Hey, we’re not closing yet!” It was all him. The amount of stuff we left on the editing room floor with Chris… He was just a good player, and when you meet him, you realize how funny he is.”

With Interceptor works well on Netflix, it stands to reason that there could easily be a sequel in the near future. If there’s another Interceptor, could Hemsworth return for another cameo or even a bigger role? We asked Reilly this question and he didn’t hesitate to say that he would like to work with the actor again.

“Absolutely, oh yeah,” he said. “If he wants to do it, we will.”

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