Netflix series draws comparisons to Game of Thrones, but better after nailing the finale


by Netflix The Last Kingdom made quite a few comparisons to HBO The iron Throne over its five-season run, but the series finale is one aspect where those comparisons end. While The iron ThroneThe s finale was notoriously divisive among fans and is considered by some to be one of the worst TV endings of all time. The Last Kingdom blocked the ending and gave viewers a satisfying conclusion to its saga.

If you haven’t heard of The Last Kingdom first, here’s what you need to know. Based on Saxon storiesa collection of historical fiction novels written by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom originally debuted on the BBC in October 2015 where it ran for two seasons. Then in 2018 it was acquired by Netflix who picked up the series for seasons three to five and is expected to give the series a feature film, Seven kings must die. The series covers a period of approximately 45 years of history beginning in 866 after the arrival of the Great Heathen Army in Britain and focuses on Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and the resistance of the Kingdom of Wessex against Viking incursions. underway from Denmark to southern England.

“Captured as a child and raised by Danes after his uncle usurped his birthright, Uhtred comes to identify as Dane but misfortune and the hope of reclaiming Bebbanburg drive him into Wessex service. , the last titular kingdom of the Saxons. From there, the story revolves around Uhtred’s conflicting loyalties between the Danes and King Alfred, the man who dares to dream of a united England capable of resisting invaders.”

The show ended after five seasons last month and as fans catch up on the show, they are thrilled with how things ended. Many took to social media to praise the series as a whole as well as how it ended. For many, the end of the series unfolded as a “this is how The iron Throne should have done it,” with some even mentioning that things weren’t rushed and instead ended in a place that worked for both the characters and the fans. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can read some of the fan reactions below.

The Last Kingdom is streaming on Netflix.


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