Netflix Original French Series ‘The Chalet’ Releases April 2022


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Another Netflix original French series is set to leave the service in April 2022. The six episodes of The cottage (also known as The cottage) are set to be removed from Netflix worldwide on April 17, 2022, so watch while you can.

Airing on France 2 (a public channel in the country) between March and April 2018, the mystery crime thriller limited series blended into two timelines twenty years apart. The show centered on a group of friends who reunite at a remote chalet in the French Alps for a summer getaway, but are then caught in a deadly trap as a dark secret from the past is revealed.

The cottage arrived on Netflix exclusively globally shortly after it aired on April 17, 2018.

Reviews of the show were overall very positive and appealing to audiences outside France given that the show draws inspiration from works like Agatha Christies. He is holding a 7.0 out of 10 on IMDb.

A removal notice is currently posted on the title with the “last day to watch” listed as April 16th, meaning it will be removed from Netflix at 12:00 PM PST on April 17th.

Why is The Chalet leaving Netflix?

Since the show has the Netflix Original branding, you may be puzzled as to why the title may be leaving.

The answer comes down to how Netflix Originals works sometimes. Netflix does not distinguish between its own productions and its titles, it has simply purchased the exclusive international distribution rights. In this case, it acquired the rights to The cottage for four years which are now up.

French TV shows make up a big chunk of the Netflix Original library that has left in recent years. We’ve seen titles like Blockbuster, Cannabis, The crewand The Frozen Dead all removed in recent years.

While we might see Netflix renew The cottagehistory suggests that once a deletion date is present, it is final.

What’s worse is that when we see Netflix Original titles leave Netflix, they often don’t find new streaming homes and they’re not available on VOD platforms, which means options are few and far between. . One of the many problems of the streaming era.

Have you checked The cottage on Netflix before? Are you going to give him one last watch before he leaves for good? Let us know below.


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