Netflix Movie ‘The Razz Guy’ Review – Do You Believe In Superstitions?


Temi is an associate lawyer who enjoys spotting grammar mistakes made by people around him. Because of his overconfidence, people who work with Temi hate him. He treats them too harshly for small mistakes. When he scolded nearly three people in one day, an old man from the cleaning staff came to his office. He asked Temi if he believed in superstition, and his question was followed by a snap of his fingers. Temi sleeps for two days, and after waking up he finds that he is no longer able to speak properly like before. Thus, Temi, who lacks grammatical security, is cursed with a well-deserved punishment.

After a few days, Temi meets a man who suffered the same fate. Both were victims of the same man and his finger snapping. Temi was unable to speak and the other man became fluent in British English. They both reunite after several days at a bar, and Temi discovers that this other person’s curse has been lifted. He asks her how it happened to which the other person replies that her conscience woke up. At first, it may be difficult for viewers to understand it, but watching the movie, they will understand it clearly.

In my opinion, The Razz Guy tries to convey a bigger message through comedy. The creators tried to tell the audience to always be gentle and gentle. One should never look down on others, stay grounded, and never be so overconfident that it becomes difficult for them to see others’ efforts.

The actor playing the role of Temi-Lasisi Elenu did a great job of entertaining the audience with his words and body language. His playing was mostly on point, but the thing I couldn’t figure out was that the old man who played with Temi had just stolen his knowledge of the English language, so what the hell was that had to do with facial expressions? At times, Lasisi Elenu has over-voiced the character. Other than that, The Razz Guy is a decent movie and is only 98 minutes long, making it a quick watch. The plot of the film is very simple but effective. It’s not the kind of movie that brings mysteries with it. Instead, he delivers his message through comedy.

Final score – [7/10]
Reviewed by – Riya Singh
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