Netflix Movie Review ‘The Wizard’ – The Malaysian Fight Club


After being imprisoned in a scandal he wasn’t even involved in, Zafik seeks revenge on his family’s killers while serving time in prison. Her search for the truth accelerates when an unidentified man named Feroz begins to help her.

Zafik was a bystander when his family was killed, helpless in their fear as they rotted in jail for a crime he did not commit as he served his ten years for illegal possession of drugs in his car, or should I say after it has been framed for that matter. The first thing on his mind when he was a free man was to investigate the nature of events to come to a conclusive judgment, as he was helped by his good friend Dato Sam Lee to get back on his feet. .

The story had its share of twists and turns, but it can’t hide the shortcomings of the plot, which is predictable, especially with certain moments of uncertainty that don’t seem to affect the stakes of the dangerous game in which Zafik indulges. It’s a straightforward revenge drama, with one or two elements of contrasting fact, which aim to set it apart from others in the genre. The problem? The world had seen such variety before which seems to be inspired by David Fincher’s classic “The Fight Club” with its lore kicking in just before the halfway mark. Despite an off-course development or two, it lacks the artillery to sustain itself due to apparent plot conveniences that favor our protagonist in every action, and these are far from minor.

Aside from Henley Hi as Dato Sam Lee, who was somewhere between average and decent in his role, the film is let down by the abysmal performances of lead pair Iedil Alaudin as Zafik and Hairul Azreen as Feroz. While Hairul plays the physical part of the role decently enough, his acting as a seemingly insane, yet impulsive force of nature is just plain boring due to the poorly written character and even the poor execution. This movie might have saved itself with better acting, however, the writing issues go beyond what’s just hard to ignore. No stage presence effectively holds attention, it occurred to me that there were anecdotal things going on that led from one thing to the next.

The fight choreography is one of the best parts of the movie. It’s decent enough in the showdown with enough variety in the action and use of the space environment. Again, he could have used a little more stage presence to enhance the experience. However, it’s not enough to save this film from its core, safe to say, weakly executed flaws.

Final score – [4/10]
Reviewed by – Devyansh Anand
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