Netflix loses 2 of the best TV shows of all time on Thursday


Two beloved TV shows are leaving Netflix this week – The twilight zone and Twin peaks. The classic series both leave the Netflix catalog on Thursday, July 1. This gives fans just under two days to get their final views.

Netflix hosted the original series of Twin peaks for quite some time now, and has had most of the original seasons of The twilight zone as well as. That will all change this week, as Netflix‘s license on both shows comes to an end. Fortunately, both are also available on Paramount +, which you can try for free here if you are a new user. Since both shows are from the ViacomCBS library, this migration makes sense.

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However you watch them, both shows are notoriously popular for frenzy and replay. Netflix only has 138 half-hour episodes of The twilight zone. (Season 4 is missing for some reason.) There are only 30 episodes of the original. Twin peaks which usually last around 45 minutes each, so the marathon would be even shorter.

Netflix caused a stir as the first major subscription streaming service, and it retains some influence in the “streaming wars”. Seeing a show leave Netflix effectively makes it inaccessible to many viewers who don’t mind juggling subscriptions and browsing various catalogs. However, as more companies license their material home, the pool of content is shrinking.

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This is probably why Netflix invests so much in original content, and in this case, they have developed very direct mockery. The original Netflix series Black mirror is seen by many as a direct tribute to The twilight zone, for example. Meanwhile, Netflix has acquired Broadchurch, Annibal and some other mysterious dramas that are often compared to Twin peaks.

For those who want the real thing, however, The twilight zone is currently available on Paramount + and will likely stay there, with its more recent revival. Twin peaks is currently available on Hulu as well, but it seems safe to say that it will be back on a ViacomCBS-owned service as soon as possible. You can watch both shows on Netflix until Thursday, July 1.

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