Netflix has (probably) ordered a second season of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman

Tom Sturridge in The Sandman

Tom Sturridge in The sand man
Photo: netflix

Three months after the release of Neil Gaiman’s first season The sand man on streaming airwaves, i.e. enough time for people to start asking questions to find out if the show would get the kind of slam-dunk renewal you might associate with this kind of high-profile project – Netflix has apparently decided to order a second season. Sort, anyway: By DeadlineDC Comics’ Twitter page apparently released a statement today announcing a second season for the series, for next delete it quickly. Whoops !

Sand seller stars Tom Sturridge as the titular Man O’ Sand, aka Dream of the Endless, who spends most of the show’s first season recovering from a misguided effort by some opportunistic mystics to steer him away from the world. The series stars Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Dream’s utterly jollier sister Death, as well as Boyd Holbrook as one of the most vicious nightmares that escape Dream’s realm while indisposed. .

The series received mixed reviewspositive trend, critics, which rang it for a little too faithful to the original Gaiman comics, but had some nice things to say about the performance. The series was also praised, as usual, by Netflix itself, which claimed that the show remained its most-watched original program for several weeks after its release. All of this made one little strange that Netflix has been very quiet about its future – aside from releasing a bonus episode a few weeks after the initial release – to the point that Gaiman had to send out fake tweets on social media claiming the show had been cancelled. (While assuming that the top of the series the cost makes renewal less automatic than one would hope.)

Even now, Netflix declined to officially comment on a renewal; it’s unclear if the streamer is waiting for a coordinated announcement that was marred by the deleted tweet, or if there are still questions about the show’s future that are hanging in the balance.


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