Netflix has a new #1 movie – and it’s 40% on Rotten Tomatoes


When we talk about new Netflix movies, we often mention high Rotten Tomatoes scores as a reason to watch. It’s not one of those times, however, as the last Netflix film to reach No. 1 – ending The Tinder Swindler’s three-week run there – on the list of the world’s top 10 movies. (English) of the company is neither acclaimed nor prestigious. Absolutely no Oscars will go to this movie (Razzies are much more likely).

This movie is Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming, the 11th chapter of the other MCU (Madea Cinematic Universe). It currently holds 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an Audience Score of 75%.

Regardless of reviews, A Madea Homecoming proved hugely popular, as audiences collectively watched 31.56 million hours of the film in its first three days. We only have the numbers for those three days, as the Netflix Top 10 list uses usage data from February 21-27, and the movie dropped on February 25.

In that entire week, Tinder Swindler logged 17.67 million hours. It was the film’s fourth week on the charts, where it logged 144.95 million hours across the entire run.

Check out the A Madea Homecoming trailer for yourself:

A Madea Homecoming is an adaptation of Perry’s play Madea’s Farewell Play, using the character’s great-grandson’s college graduation as the centerpiece of many antics. The family from afar returns home, but drama and secrets, of course, threaten the good times.

Analysis: Netflix relies as much on popularity as prestige

Netflix, which has seen the draw of Adam Sandler-led movies, knows its success is tied to where the eyeballs go. Its acquisition of a Madea movie isn’t exactly shocking, then, since that series has had enough sustained interest to earn 11 movies. Interestingly enough, The Wrap ranks Homecoming as Tyler Perry Madea’s best film to date. Although that’s probably the same as saying that the new Taco Bell burrito is the best Taco Bell burrito ever.

Perry also made a similar gamble on spreading a wide audience network by bringing in Mrs. Brown, the popular Irish television character played by Brendan O’Carroll. While I (an American) have never been exposed to the character before, our international melting pot of opinion at the Tom’s Guide office tells me that Mrs. Brown is incredibly divisive, and so is Madea. While Ms. Brown’s programming gets high marks, some of my colleagues say the character is one of the lowest points in any culture at any time.

So, as Netflix gains Oscar buzz with titles like The Power of The Dog, Don’t Look Up, tick, tick…BOOM! and The Lost Daughter, remember that the streamer also offers populist gameplay. The Power of The Dog was the last of these films to make Netflix’s Top 10 list, attracting 5.46 million viewing hours from February 7-13.


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