Netflix and Riot Games release first ‘Arcane’ music video – Cinelinx


Riot games‘upcoming animated series Esoteric, based on League of Legends, published a first preview, as part of Netflix GeekThe Geeked Week event. Learn more about the visually stunning trailer and question-and-answer session with the creators inside.

This autumn, Riot games will release a new animated series set in the world of League of Legends at Netflix. Titled Esoteric, this series will follow iconic champions and sisters Vi and Jinx, as well as their fractured relationship. Additionally, the series will take place in both the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground Zaun, exposing the dichotomy between the two.

Today, as part of Netflix‘s very first Geeked Week Geeked, Arcane’s debut clip was released, complete with great animation. Looked:

In addition to the first clip for Esoteric, long-time series creators Riot games developers, Christian Linke and Alex Yee sitting with Geoff keighley to learn more about the series and its making of.

Esoteric will premiere on Netflix this Grave.


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