Netflix Adds Eight Cast Members to Kim Cattrall’s ‘Glamorous’ Series


Netflix on Thursday announced eight regular and recurring cast members joining the upcoming “Glamorous” series. Variety exclusively revealed earlier this month that Kim Cattrall will play makeup mogul Madolyn Addison, after it was previously announced that Miss Benny (“Fuller House”) would play Marco Meija, who picks up a job at Addison.

Zane Phillips (“Fire Island”), Jade Payton (“Dynasty”), Michael Hsu Rosen (“Tiny Pretty Things”), Ayesha Harris (“Tell It Like a Woman”) and Graham Parkhurst (“The Umbrella Academy”) join the cast as regulars. Joining the series as guest stars are Diana Maria Riva (“Dead To Me”), Lisa Gilroy (“Jury Duty”) and Mark Deklin (“Good Fight”).

“Glamorous” follows Marco Mejia, a young, gender-nonconforming gay man who feels stuck in his life until he gets a job working under legendary makeup artist Madolyn Allison. The job gives Meija his first chance to figure out what he wants in his life, who he is, and what it means to be queer.

Zane Phillips will play Addison’s devoted son Chad, who is also the sales manager for her beauty empire and is constantly trying to live up to his mother’s expectations.

Jade Payton plays Venetia, Addison’s ambitious assistant who takes Meija under her wing and introduces her to the makeup industry and the world of Brooklyn’s queer nightlife.

Michael Hsu Rosen plays Ben, a graphic designer at the make-up company who is closed to his inner circle, until he meets Meija and begins to leave his comfort zone.

Ayesha Harris plays Britt, another graphic designer who has a longtime crush on a co-worker, leading to them meeting and beginning a relationship that gets serious in more ways than one.

Graham Parkhurst plays Parker, a confident and fit jock who has a chance encounter with Meija who starts a chase game.

Diana Maria Riva will play Julia, Meija’s no-nonsense mother who only wants her son to find a real job, which he does when hired by Addison.

Lisa Gilroy will play the role of Alyssasays, a social media influencer who now works in makeup company marketing and clings to her former glory days online.

Mark Deklin will play James, a charming documentarian who has an encounter with Addison that sparks an unexpected romance.

“Glamourous” is written and produced by Jordon Nardino (“Star Trek: Discovery”), with executive producers Damon Wayans Jr. and Kameron Tarlow of Two Shakes Entertainment. The studio is CBS studios, and “Glamorous” is running with 10 episodes in its first season.

(In the photo, from left to right: Zane Phillips, Diana Maria Riva, Mark Deklin)


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