Me Time, the #1 movie on Netflix, just hit an embarrassing record


If you’ve opened your Netflix app at any time in the past few days, you’ve probably seen the streamer recommending Kevin Hart/Mark Wahlberg’s new comedy me time yours – either in your row of suggested titles to watch or in the prominent content carousel at the top of the app. The film is as silly and forgettable as it gets, and is essentially about a loving father (Hart) who reconnects with his wild, former best friend (Wahlberg).

Having said that, me time is still crushing it right now on the platform. It is the #1 English language film on Netflix worldwide, based on weekly Netflix Top 10 data. But this step is absolutely not a byproduct of overwhelming love from fans or critics. Indeed, you often see a big divide between critics and fans on a movie like this. Even so, they are actually both in agreement when it comes to me time. As in, just about no one seems to like this movie.

me time Rotten Tomato Scores

While that’s an incomplete standard for judging this sort of thing, the Rotten Tomatoes scores for me time nonetheless, at least give us an idea of ​​the sentiment surrounding it from critics and fans alike.

(LR) Mark Wahlberg as Huck, Regina Hall as Maya, Kevin Hart as Sonny in the Netflix movie ‘Me Time’. Image source: Netflix

The overall review score, for example? That’s an embarrassingly bad 7%. It’s based on 59 reviews, like this one from Empire magazine which reads in part:me time takes an interesting family dynamic and hides it under rude jokes and hackneyed stunts.

Viewer sentiment tells a similar story. Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score for me time is an equally terrible 29%, based on over 500 user ratings at the time of writing. Again, this is Netflix’s #1 movie in the world right now we’re talking about.

And yet, there is more.

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For now, these scores mean that me time seems to have earned Hart and Wahlberg the lowest Rotten Tomatoes scores of their careers so far. Again, quite an odd outcome for the biggest Netflix movie in the world right now.

Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? After all, this is a streaming release we’re talking about, which is to say its success doesn’t live or die on ticket sales. me time may, indeed, be a terrible movie, but tons of people still streamed it.

Personally, I’ve been burned way too many times than I’d like, having taken the plunge and tried a buzzing new Netflix movie only to feel like it was a total waste of time once I had it. ended. Meaning: There are only so many times as a spectator that you will submit to this.

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