Master Chief finally pops his cherry in the Halo TV series


When we think of master chef and the Halo franchise as a whole, we’re not thinking about sex or romance. The only thing that comes to mind when I see Master Chief helmet is the image of a stoic man. No one really ever wanted to see Master Chief Face. We gamers were pleased with the mysterious image of the beloved Spartan, however, pop culture (read the Halo TV series) ruined everything good that ever existed.

Recently, fans were left bewildered after it was revealed that the Spartan warrior does indeed have a sex life. Now don’t get me wrong because we want our boy to get some action because God knows he deserves it. But, showing it on a live-action TV series seems to make it look like an attention-hungry sale. In this article, we will see why master chef finally makes love and with whom he does it.

So, with heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, let’s find out how the show’s creators are slaughtering our favorite gaming icon.

So who does Master Chief open up to?

It seems the creators of the Halo TV series are determined to turn the lore into something new. First they removed the iconic helmet, and now this one. master chef has always been an ascetic who only opens up to Cortana. The games never showed us a glimpse of Halo Master Chief face and sexuality and honestly, we never wanted that.

In episode 8 of the blasphemous TV show, the stoic Spartan has sex with Makee played by Charlie Murphy. The Covenant also kidnapped Makee as a child. His bow is quite similar to that of master chef as they went through similar experiences. Both were kidnapped and cast in certain roles when they were kids, but that still doesn’t justify them having sex.

Fans didn’t expect to see master chef without his helmet, and now this. The sorrows continue to pile up for Halo fans and they should be ready for more. If Paramount doesn’t cancel the show, the creators will keep churning out more shit to glamorize our beloved Halo.

Does it hurt?

Well you have to ask master chef about that. It must be a double whammy to lose both your virginity and your pride all at once. Everything for what? For covering up the mundane nature of the show. Let’s talk about sex later and deal with an even bigger issue first – Master Chief helmet. People who have actually played Halo games will know that the headset is meant to stay put! It never came out in the games and the creators of the TV series had no right to remove it on a whim.

This helmet is much more than a marketing ploy that the show pretends to be. The show’s director Otto Bathurst said earlier that he had never been a gamer. Well, surprise, surprise! Anyone could say they’ve never touched a game in their entire life because of the quality of the show. He didn’t have to tell us, we already knew the moment we saw how he slaughtered the Halo TV series.

You never show Master Chief Face!!! So yes, it hurt. A lot.

What’s next for Master Chief?

Otto Bathurst – the man who single-handedly sabotaged an entire franchise people loved. Halo has always been hugely popular, and this franchise single-handedly carried Xbox forward into the era of console wars. That’s why it seems unlikely that a live-action adaptation of the game will ever fail. However, thanks to Bathurst and his brilliant team of noobs, Halo and master chef both are no longer virgins.

If we wanted to look master chef to have sex, we would have sought Reddit or a pornographic website. Rather than making Halo more popular, this live-action adaptation does the exact opposite. The only way to save the franchise is to shut down this show for good instead of renewing it, burn all copies of all episodes, and never talk about it again!


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