‘Love Is Blind’ star Danielle Ruhl says she’s not accurately portrayed on the show and explains the story of her panic attack in Mexico

  • ‘Love Is Blind’ star Danielle Ruhl said she felt misrepresented in the Netflix original series.
  • On Instagram, Ruhl said the series didn’t provide the full story of her panic attack in Mexico.

Danielle Ruhl, candidate for “Love is blindseason two, said she doesn’t consider the version of herself shown on the Netflix original series to be an accurate portrayal of her character.

During the 10-episode season, which returned to the streamer on February 11, the 28-year-old marketing professional got engaged to fellow 36-year-old Nick Thompson on sight unseen.

As they navigate their relationship outside of the pods, they face their fair share of obstacles — many of which seem to stem from Ruhl’s anxiety and self-doubt.

But according to Ruhl, the final cut of the series doesn’t tell the whole story.

“The way I was portrayed on TV is not an accurate representation of who I am as a person,” she recently wrote on instagram.

Nick and Danielle in “Love is Blind”.netflix

Episode five, “Leaving Paradise,” seemed to portray Ruhl particularly poorly, she explained in the social media post.

After falling ill on a trip to Mexico, Nick briefly leaves her in the hotel room to join a group meeting with the other couples. When he returns later that evening, they argue over his decision to attend the party without her.

Based on the events unfolding onscreen, Ruhl said some viewers “incorrectly” speculated the reason for his panic attack and diagnosed him with “all the disorders in the book.”

She added that the negative responses “are not just detrimental to myself and my family, but to anyone else who has had similar experiences.”

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However, Ruhl said important context leading up to the fight was missing from the final cut. According to the reality star, she spoke of a ‘traumatic experience’ she had in college shortly before Nick showed up at the party (with her encouragement, she confirmed ).

“While I was lying sick I started to get into my head and wondered if I had shared too much too soon and started to release an event that I had suppressed for so long” , Ruhl explained.

She had an off-screen panic attack and locked herself in the closet “so no one could see me in such a public environment,” she explained.

When Ruhl peeked into the cast night from her hotel room, she said it wasn’t out of jealousy but rather to get an idea of ​​when Nick would return. When he finally returned, she said her fiancé “had no idea what happened.”

“When he found out what happened behind the scenes, he was more than supportive and we were able to learn from it and get through it,” she added.

The star of
Danielle and Nick on “Love is Blind”.netflix

Ruhl, who has been open about being in therapysaid she entered “Love Is Blind” into a “big mental space” but found that the “stressful environment” had resurfaced some of her old issues.

Now that the second season of “Love Is Blind” is over, she said she hopes people get to know her outside of the show.

“I’m not looking for sympathy or saying I haven’t made mistakes throughout my experience. I’m looking for understanding for every person who may have demons they face behind closed doors, for everyone who feel misrepresented or for anyone who is triggered by those who attack others because they have feelings that others may not understand,” she concluded.


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