Like for Like – 7 series like Queer Eye: Brazil


This article is about 7 series like Netflix’s Queer Eye: Brazil that you must watch.

Queer Eye: Brazil is a reality show that follows five style and lifestyle experts who guide a new contestant per episode on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. And as the audience watches, there are lots of laughs, screams and tears. But with only 6 easy and easy to read episodes, you might be looking for something similar to watch. Well, you’re in luck, because below is a list of 7 shows that are in the same vein.

Like for Like – 7 series like Queer Eye: Brazil

Weird Eye (2018)

You can’t have a list without the OG series. Although the highly original series aired from 2003 to 2007, the reboot (2018-Now) is very much in the minds of the public. With a new “fab five”, it turned out to be a huge success; and is the model for all currents weird eye spin off.

Married at First Sight: Australia (2015)

With drama, cheating, transformation, and wine-throwing among the show’s highlights, MAFS: Australia is one of the best shows currently on television.

Married at First Sight: UK (2015)

While the first six series of the UK version of MAFS fell short of the Australian version; it seemed destined to live in the shadow of MAFS: Australia. However, the new series has just started airing on C4, and so far, that might just prove it shouldn’t be dismissed just yet.

Love is Blind (2020)

The dating show is the love or hate show on Netflix. And a bit like weird eye, it has an American and Brazilian version. As for the US version, there are only two series, so it’s not a long watch by any means.

Indian Matchmaking (2020)

With likable and loathsome characters from the start, the series follows a professional marriage consultant/matchmaker as she attempts to bring couples together. But if it’s good, it’s up to you to judge.

Make the Cut (2020)

With Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at the forefront of the contest, the goal is to find the next big name in fashion.

Ugly Betty (2006)

Unlike the other entries on the list, this is not a reality show. Instead, it’s the much-loved ABC series that aired in the 2000s. And like the other entries on the list, it’s camp, full of laughter, tears, and disaster. So it’s the perfect show to add to our list.

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