Korean creators in high demand in global content productions


SEOUL, June 23 (Yonhap) – Thanks to the growing global presence of South Korean content through online streaming platforms, the global entertainment industry is wooing the Korean professionals behind films and TV series renowned.

Not only the writers and directors who have been in the spotlight for their global successes like the Netflix originals “Sweet Home” (2020) and “Space Sweepers” (2021), but also experts in post-production work like the Poster design, color grading and visual effects are also in high demand by productions and studios worldwide.

Propaganda, a Korean entertainment design studio, has been commissioned to produce posters and character designs for Netflix’s latest original series “Move to Heaven”, starring Lee Je-hoon, and his original variety show ” Busted! Season 3 “.

The company has been involved in some Netflix-led projects such as the crime thriller “The Call” (2020) and the crime drama “Night in Paradise” (2021), as well as the zombie action film “Train To Busan” (2016) .

On top of that, South Korean companies specializing in color grading, or color correction, are also getting calls from studios around the world, thanks to the growing popularity of genre films and monster shows made in Korea.

Using artistic color effects and intense lighting is key to setting the dramatic mood and background for these horror and zombie thrillers.

“The worldwide popularity of Korean content has put the color grading and video data management industries in the spotlight,” said Park Jin-young of Digital Intermediate (DI), a color correction unit at Dexter. Studios, the country’s leading special effects company.

“Korean creators now have more and more opportunities to participate in global projects led by big studios like Netflix,” she said.

DI has led the post-production process on projects such as Oscar-winning “Parasite” (2019) and the historic global hit zombie series “Kingdom” (2019).

In this context, Dexter Studios, which participated in a VFX team for the space film “Space Sweepers”, plans to expand its color grading business, as well as its Live-Tone sound design line to meet growing demand. for Korean content productions.

“Thanks to the worldwide popularity of Korean content, all stages of production like special effects and design have become famous,” said a production studio manager. “Global demand for Korean creators will help improve the reputation of the Korean entertainment industry.”


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