Kevin Smith reveals his Masters of the Universe series draws inspiration from Star Wars, Marvel, and more


Kevin Smith revealed his Masters of the universe: revelation series is inspired by the worlds and stories of Star wars, Marvel and more! Not only was it surprising to see that Netflix and Mattel Television would produce an official original animated series set after the events of the Filmation-produced series in the 1980s, but that the showrunner behind the project was Kevin Smith. Now that we’ve had our first look at Masters of the universe: Revelation, Smith has opened up about what we can expect when it releases on Netflix later this summer.

Smith teased Masters of the Universe fans on what we can hope to see from Revelation, and was asked what characters he would like to see in other franchises during the latest episode of the Fatman Beyond podcast. It was here that sparked a revelation that Smith noted how he and the team were inspired by other famous fantasy franchises such as Star wars.

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“For our incarnation of Masters of the universe, revelationit builds on all the franchises you love. “Smith began,” There are a lot of Star wars in. There is a lot of [The] the Lord of the Rings in there are a lot of Marvel movies in it. But these are all the ingredients, the main elements of the Mattel characters that you know and love.But the DNA cooked in it, lots of other satisfying franchises that I loved. So in my head I ran into them all. “

Smith then revealed how he chose specific elements to incorporate and blend into a new experience, “…[B]Because we chose feelings, loose parts, arcs, things like that … If you want to do something, do it right. As he explained later, “Call it tribute, call it theft, but there are other great stuff at the root of our Masters of the universe: revelation… if you had all these figures for our Masters of the Universe, you will be able to play them in almost any adventure. They are interchangeable with many different magical franchises, superhero franchises. “

Masters of the universe: revelation debuts July 23 on Netflix, but what do you think? Are you excited to see how Masters of the Universe: Revelation is inspired by all of these worlds? What do you hope to see later this summer on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even contact me directly about all the animated stuff and other cool stuff. @Valdezology on Twitter!


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