Is the Netflix series Keep Breathing based on a true story?


Every time a new series comes out about surviving in extreme circumstances, I think it’s human nature to wonder how you would cope if you were in a similar situation. Netflix’s latest original series, keep breathing, is a survival drama starring Melissa Barrera as an isolated survivor in the Canadian wilderness. You might be curious if this story is based on something that actually happened.

Flying is a common fear for thousands of people and this show might not do much to help heal you from those fears, as the basis is a plane crash resulting in the survival situation mentioned above. And while plane crashes are a very real and tragic thing, they happen far less often than TV and movies would have you believe.

Yet when new shows like this, yellow jackets or even something Lost came out for the first time, people became curious about the real-life situations that might have inspired these stories.

Is Keep Breathing based on a true story?

To our knowledge, the series is not based on any particular true story. That doesn’t mean the writers weren’t inspired by an actual event in history, but they didn’t use any specific event to write the scripts for this show. It’s also not based on a book and appears to be the brainchild of the show’s creators, Martin Gero and Brendan Gall.

Often in real life when plane crashes happen, if there are any survivors they are usually rescued fairly quickly using technology. This doesn’t mean that the situation that occurs in the show is impossible or completely outside the realm of possibility, but it’s very unlikely that you’ll get stuck somewhere where you can’t at least use your phone or the aircraft could not be tracked through radar and other integrated components.

Do you plan to watch keep breathing on Netflix? All six episodes of the limited series will begin airing on July 28.


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