“Intrusion” review: Netflix movie takes trust issues to a whole new level


When a couple leaves their old life to start fresh in their new home, they don’t get the peace they hoped for. Everything is going well after a horrific home invasion, which leaves the woman traumatized and suspicious with incidents that don’t add up. In its quest for answers, it seems the truth is far from what it seems and the real threat has yet to present itself. Everyone is suspicious, even her husband tries to hide information.

The movie will certainly put you on the edge of your seat as each revelation seems to veer you off course in the quest for the truth. If you liked this movie, you should also consider watching El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie “, The Da Vinci Code”, “Stowaway” and “Shutter Island”.


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‘Intrusion’: release date, spoilers, cast & all about Netflix thriller

Spoilers for “Intrusion”

“Intrusion” does a good job of describing how you never really know someone, even if it’s someone you’ve known forever. The film sets the tone for a home invasion that has more than just a burglary. We see husband and wife Henry and Meera begin their new life in the small town of Corrales after moving from Boston, Massachusetts to their new home that Henry has built for them. Things seem to be going well in their new life when the danger presents itself.

Freida Pinto as Meera portrays a happy woman who is content to live with her beloved husband Henry played by Logan Marshall-Green. Meera is shown to beat cancer after struggling with him while Henry is the husband who quite callously reminds her of everything he had to do for her (as it should) in the worst possible times, despite the fact that he cares deeply about her. The film has a fairly consistent start with generic background scenes introducing the characters. The couple, it seems, have been through rough times and are looking for peace and comfort in their new home, but hey, that’s not that kind of movie, is it? happens at the start of the movie. From there, the story resumes.

Freida Pinto as Meera in “Intrusion” (Ursula Coyote / Netflix)

The heartbreaking experience brings out different aspects of the characters, leaving viewers to guess the seemingly ordinary people. Meera, the counselor, when not asking at her job, starts asking questions about her husband’s suspicious behavior. Putting on her detective hat, she sets off in search of clues. The movie has a lot of moments that make you question the reliability of the characters. A again shows Henry alert and defensive when he’s about to make mistakes around Meera. Logan Marshall-Green showcases his acting skills well, making viewers shine with creepy and menacing looks. The case of the missing daughter Christine, who is the daughter of one of the suspects, is embroiled in her husband’s inconsistencies regarding his relationship with the attackers. Sticking to the usual thriller recipe, the bumps and jumps come in the form of sudden character appearances with thrilling music, but not often, which is a shame for a thriller.

Freida Pinto as Meera and Logan Marshall-Green as Henry in “Intrusion” (Ursula Coyote / Netflix)

‘Intrusion’ is a pretty decent watch that, while lacking in originality, makes up for it by sticking to the basics that the public isn’t afraid to look at. Familiarity also works in mysterious ways, it seems. The direction of the film’s story is easy to predict from the clues posed throughout the film, but is quite pleasant as revelations for Meera’s character to present. With truths hidden in the details waiting to be uncovered, viewers and Meera follow her husband’s indiscretions on this journey of uncovering the truth.

Shows to see

Logan Marshall-Green as Husband Henry puts on a stunning performance as Husband with a Hidden Face. From the start he is shown to be the loving and caring man his wife knows, for the psychopath he turns out to be he is wonderful. As we see his facade slowly crumble with him revealing his true colors, audiences can expect to be slowly impressed by the revelations with a convincing performance until the end. Freida Pinto also puts on a good show with a nice emotional representation.

Who will enjoy the movie

The plot of the film is not exactly unique but still holds its place. For a thriller, it put on a good show with viewers dealing with hidden truths and revelations. Audiences who love twists and surprises will likely enjoy the film. While not exactly scary, the movie does have a few heart-in-your-mouth moments. This movie makes a great weekend or a movie night – the plot is easy to follow and offers enough thrills.

“Intrusion” is now streaming on Netflix.

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