If You Love Dramas, Here Are 14 Indian Dramas You Must Add To Your Watchlist ASAP


It is a finished drama that lasted eight months. It broke my multi-year gap of not watching Indian dramas – even the actors themselves came along because of the unique concept, stating that “a show like Bepannah rarely comes your way. ”(!!!) It’s a beautiful exploration of grief, loss and betrayal, with a couple you will love to cheer on.

Aditya and Zoya are very different individuals reunited in the most unusual way: Their spouses are found dead together in a traffic accident, inadvertently revealing their affair. Def not your ordinary romance. Shocked by their spouse’s betrayal and their deaths, the two curl up in different forms of grief – Aditya out of anger, taken over Zoya and Zoya out of denial. Did their marriages mean nothing? Was it an accident or a murder?

Aditya and Zoya are the only ones who understand each other in this situation, and you can see how they push each other’s growth – Zoya, who is extremely naive, but thanks to Aditya, is able to become her own person, while she calls out to Aditya to take it out on others, but through her he is able to cope with her trauma. The series has won a ton of awards, including Show of the Year! To top it all, the theme song and background score are ALL, and it’s my favorite theme so far.


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