How TV Shows Handled the Death of a Cast Member – Peaky Blinders, Maisel


A television showrunner can anticipate or plan for a number of things, such as an actor stepping away from a role they’ve had for a long time. But the sudden and tragic death of a key player is something you can never, or don’t want to, expect.

In the past few months alone, FXX ArcherHBO Max sex and the city rebirth, Prime Video The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and BBC One Peaky Blinders (which ends up airing Stateside on Netflix) each aired episodes that explained the absence created by the actual death of a cast member.

In such an unfortunate scenario, TV shows over the years have taken one of the few approaches, including sending the character “out of town”, having him die off-screen, or even trying the (very) rare redesign.

TVLine has collected over 40 instances over the decades and up to Peaky Blinders‘ his own tough call, which was revealed in his season 6 premiere across the pond. The list is long but do not is intended to be exhaustive (it also doesn’t include actors whose characters weren’t on the show when they died), so feel free to join in on any other sad send-ups that have touched you.

Review the summary below to review how 40+ shows have gone through (or sometimes just prepared for) the loss of an actor.


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