How Brendan Fraser’s New Movie Influenced Sadie Sink on Stranger Things


Sadie Sink, best known for her role in stranger thingsreveals how his work on The whale influenced his role as Max Mayfield. stranger things is a Netflix original series that debuted in 2016 and has become one of the most successful Netflix series of all time. Sink’s character, Max, entered the series in Season 2, when his family moved to Hawkins from California. Since then, Sink has had a starring role on the show and she is set to reprise her role in the upcoming Season 5, which is set to air in 2024. Most recently, Sink starred alongside Brendan Fraser in the psychological drama A24. The whalewhich will debut in theaters on December 9. In the film, Sink plays Ellie, the estranged daughter of Fraser’s character Charlie, who is a grieving and bulimic teacher. The whale premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in September to huge critical acclaim.


In an interview with In the wingsDetailed sink how his work on The whale influenced her stranger things role. Sink says playing Ellie was a unique challenge, and working on the film was like “training camp. Sink goes on to say that she had a much better understanding of Ellie by the end of the film, and wanted to have the same level of character exploration with Max. Read Sink’s full comment below:

“It was really important that I had that experience, because I pushed myself as an actor further than I had ever done before. When I came back to ‘Stranger Things,’ it was like if I was coming back from training camp or something. There was a change; something clicked. It gave me a level of confidence that has stayed with me ever since. I was pleasantly surprised, when it came to filming some of those scenes, that it wasn’t hard at all to get inside her head it was such a release for Max to have those moments because those sides of her are simmering in the background for a few seasons.”

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Stranger Things 4 - Max in the Hospital

Sink also says that working on The whale made her appreciate taking on more challenging roles and that she doesn’t want to play characters that don’t challenge her in some way. Sink says that because Ellie was grieving, her character was “so aggressive and violent at times that it was hard to justify and empathize with her“, but that the point of The whale was to find humanity in tough characters. Sink took that with her in stranger thingswhere Season 4 saw Max deal with the grief of watching his half-brother Billy die before his eyes.

Especially with season 4, Sink really wanted to think about how Max’s trauma affected his character – and it was that trauma that made Max the perfect candidate for Vecna. The season finale saw Max barely survive Vecna’s attack after Eleven revived her, landing her blind from the hospital and with numerous broken bones. Sink revealed that his ideal scenario of season 5 for Max would focus heavily on overcoming his traumas, as his healing in Season 4 was harshly cut short. Season 4 also provided some insight into Max’s relationship with Lucas, which Sink said she’d like to explore as well, because letting Lucas back into her life signifies a will to heal.

However Stranger Things’ The final season 5 won’t air for at least a year, Sink is more attached to Max than ever, especially with a desire to further explore Max’s traumas. With so many theories about what Season 5 could hold for Max, from Max possessed by Vecna ​​to Max sacrifices himself to save his friends, he certainly does not lack development for his character. No matter how the series ends, stranger things fans will have The whale to thank for Sink approaching Max a little differently in Season 5.

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