Here’s Why Gearheads Should Watch New Netflix Show Drive Hard: The Maloof Way


Over the past two decades, the popularity of car shows and restomod-focused reality shows has skyrocketed. It seems like every major channel and streaming giant produces at least one of these series, but with so many options available, the quality of the shows has dropped dramatically. Most of today’s reality TV programs focus on drama rather than cars, while those that feature car renovation projects over-emphasize the denial part instead of the restoration process. In this context, viewers are put off by car shows, but luckily there are still some good ones.

“Drive Hard: The Maloof Way” is a pretty decent option for car enthusiasts who want to learn more about a family that loves fast cars and cool restored projects. To be fair, we love that Sammy Maloof and his three daughters, Hannah, Kaitlyn and Meghan, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Also, it’s kind of cool that the program shows crazy car stunts; So, for anyone who loves racing competitions and project-driven reality TV series, here’s why you should watch the new Netflix show “Drive Hard: The Maloof Way.”

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Drive Hard: The Maloof Way features dangerous stunts and cool racing

Sammy Maloof worked in Hollywood as a racing driver and stuntman for a quarter of a century. Fans of the “Fast and Furious” franchise will be happy to know that he appeared on “2 Fast 2 Furious.” He also had appearances in “Deja Vu” and “Eagle Eye.” But when Maloof isn’t acting and doing crazy stunts, he runs “Maloof Racing Engines” with his family.

The Netflix reality show follows the cast as they repair engines. However, our favorite part is when they do the dangerously crazy stunts and engage in drag races to show off the might of Maloof’s racing powertrains. While other reality TV series seem fake, this one seems legit. Plus, it’s obvious that the old man is an expert in both mechanics and legendary Hollywood stunts. As for the girls, Hannah follows in her father’s footsteps. Not only does she fix cars in the family’s auto shop, but she also engages in dangerous stunts. Meanwhile, twins Meghan and Kaitlyn are already well on their way to becoming top pro stunt performers. During the series, the girls can be seen helping their dad prepare a dangerous stunt that he will perform in an independent film. In the opening episode, Sammy crashes his car into a bus, and there are plenty of other action-packed scenes throughout the eight episodes. Hannah also gets behind the wheel to race against another racer.

Engine building is an important part of the show

The family runs “Maloof Racing Engines”, so it’s obvious that building high horsepower engines is an important part of the series. Probably the best part of the reality is that the team members don’t claim to know everything about the cars, and they learn along the way. Gearheads will love that engine building is at the heart of the show, so you get plenty of insight into that. It feels like when Sammy is training his daughters, his adopted son Trevor and his nephew Joshua, he’s also giving the audience a masterclass in automotive engineering, so we learn how hard it is to build a high performance engine and how many components go into a powertrain.

“Drive Hard: The Maloof Way” is a family affair

Sammy’s wife, Jennifer, is the big boss who runs the business. And the kids work with Sammy in the auto shop and participate in drag races and cool stunts. Basically, it’s a total family affair, and we like that there’s no drama between the crew members because we’ve had enough fake conflict in other reality series. Also, it’s good that they are a family that gets along well. That means Netflix guarantees we’ll have recurring characters, and we won’t have to like someone just to get them fired from the show after two or three seasons. Consider ‘Fast N’ Loud’s KC Mathieu, who left the program after three seasons just when viewers were beginning to appreciate it.

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Girls don’t seem like just props and they know their way around cars

Some reality TV shows use attractive women as props. The show puts them there just to smile nicely, nod, and pretend they care about restomods and classic cars. That’s hardly the case here, as all three girls know about fast cars. Although we love the family dynamics and the fact that the series mainly featured girls, we continue to be puzzled as to how girls can work in a race car shop without securing their hair. With all the flying debris and those big dangerous machines lying around, it looks like a dangerous situation. They should, at the very least, style their hair in a French braid or a ponytail. We get that girls want to look good for the cameras, but that turns out to be wrong.


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