Here are all the trailers for new Netflix shows and movies in 2021


‘Cobra Kai’, ‘Lupine’, ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and more

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Season 4 of “Cobra Kai” has just been announced by Netflix.

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You want content, well, Netflix has it. The city’s largest streaming service is producing new original series and films at breakneck speed. It remains to be seen if there will be a shortage of viewers as the country reopens following the vaccination uptick, but Netflix is ​​betting that despite the opportunities for safe and non-dynamic activities, there will still be a strong asks for new things to watch. .

Here are all the trailers that have been released for the upcoming series.


June 2

“Summertime”: Season 2

June 3

“Dancing Queens”

June 3

“Feel Good”: Season 2

June 4

“Sweet Tooth”

June 4

“Fresh, fried and crispy”

June 9

“Lupine”: Season 2

June 11

“Wish Dragon”

June 11

“City of penguins”

June 16

“Ali and Ratu Ratu Queens”

June 17


June 17

“Black Summer”: Season 2

June 17

“Elite”: Season 4

June 18


June 18

“The most amazing vacation rentals in the world”

June 18

“The house of flowers: the movie”

23 june

“Too Hot to Handle”: Season 2

23 june

“The Naked Director”: Season 2

June 24


June 24

“The ice road”

June 25

“Young Royals”

1st of July

“Street of fear”

July 2nd

“Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”

July 8

“A classic horror story”

July 14th

“Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans”

July 21

“The last letter from your lover”

July 23

“Money Heist: Part 5”

Sep 3


To be determined

“Cobra Kai”: Season 4

To be determined


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