‘Heartbreak High’ is TikTok’s favorite Netflix show


Raised from heartache is TikTok’s latest obsession. The rebooted 90s Australian teen drama is a certified worldwide hit on Netflix.

The series won 33 million hours of viewing and is the fifth most-watched English-language series on Netflix this week. It has also become one of the most watched series on Netflix Australia within a few days from its debut on September 14 and ranked in the top 10 lists of 45 other countries.

What is Raised from heartache?

The original series aired in Australia from 1994 to 1999. According to ABC News, it was groundbreaking “for its portrayals of working-class Greek, Italian, Lebanese, and Southeast Asian teenagers”. It followed a group of students at Hartley High as they navigated sex and relationships.

This time around, the 2022 version has a new cast of Australian characters who represent First Nations, LGBT, neurodiverse and disabled communities. Both versions are known to be rooted in Australian culture, which means a lot of strong languagecultural references and slang.

“You can tell when a series is focused on creating ‘diversity’ and when a series is focused on telling stories that are inclusive, complex and authentic,” said Whitney Monaghan, lecturer in media at the University. Monash. ABC News.

Here’s what TikTok says about Raised from heartache.

The Discover page on TikTok for Raised from heartache has already 12.4 billion views.

“Knowing that non-Australians will never be able to fully enjoy Heartbreak High to its full extent because of all the little bits of slang + references”, @chrisvanscakI said in a video.

“This show is my obsession,”@thiamer said, showing a club scene of the series.

It’s pretty clear that young people love @emergency find his representations of teenage life dependable.

“This show is so real, I love it,” they said.

@TikTokermeissa.com.au discussed Aboriginal representation in the series and how it’s a drastic improvement over the 1990s version.

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